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Qatar: Constitutional Court Established

(Oct. 5, 2009) On September 27, 2009, Qatar's Constitutional Court began its work. Originally it was to begin functioning on October 1, 2008; administrative problems delayed the start date. It has jurisdiction over disputes concerning constitutional interpretations and is to make certain that legislation does not conflict with the constitution. The new court will rule on jurisdictional issues concerning lower courts. In addition, it has the power to appoint a court to adjudicate a specific issue.

The new court will also be an appellate court for cases in which lower courts' interpretations of laws are in dispute. Either the defense or the prosecution in a case can appeal a decision to the new body, but they must do so within 60 days. (Qatar Constitutional Court Begins Functioning, QATAR NEWS AGENCY, Sept. 28, 2009, available at
; Steve Czajkowski, Qatar Establishes Constitutional Court, PAPER CHASE NEWSBURST, Sept. 28, 2009, available at