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Portugal: Parliament Approves Second Protocol to Orthographic Agreement

(June 2, 2008) On May 16, 2008, the Portuguese Parliament approved the second protocol that modified the Orthographic Agreement of the Portuguese Language of 1990, an agreement between several Portuguese speaking nations. Portugal now will have to change 1.42% of its words and will have six years to adapt to the new rules. According to the agreement, the letters “K,” “W,” and “Y” will be reintroduced in the alphabet, and a few grammatical rules will also change. After the agreement is published in the official gazette (DIÁRIO DA REPÚBLICA), it will be sent for the sanction of the Portuguese President, Cavaco Silva, who has already expressed his support for the agreement. (Em Decisão Histórica, Portugal se Une a Brasil e África a Favor da Unificação da Ortografia, O GLOBO (O)NLINE, May 16, 2008.)