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Peru: Promotion of the Organic or Ecological Production

(Mar. 2, 2008) Law No. 29196 promulgated on January 24, 2008 adopts provisions to promote the sustainable and competitive development of organic or ecological production in Peru. The specific objectives of this Law are to: encourage and promote the organic production to overcome poverty; provide food guaranty and the conservation of ecosystems and biological diversity; develop and motivate the organic production as an alternative for the economic and social development of the country; assist in the improvement of the quality of life for producers and consumers and help overcome poverty; define the functions and jurisdictions of the institutions responsible for the promotion and control of the organic production; and strengthen the "Sistema Nacional de Fiscalizacion y Control de la Produccion Organica" (National System of Supervision and Control of the Organic Production) to guarantee the condition of organic produce in domestic and foreign markets.

The law creates the "Consejo Nacional de Productos Organicos" (CONAPO).

[National Council of Organic Products] to propose policies and norms of sustainable development for the encouragement and promotion of organic production; and the “Consejos Regionales de Productos Organicos” (COREPO) [Regional Councils of Organic Products] to strengthen organic production and become the link with the CONAPO for the development of the Coordinated National Plan for the Promotion and Encouragement of the Organic or Ecological Production.

As an incentive to encourage regional and local governments to prioritize their support for organic or ecological production in their plans, programs, and projects, the “Banco Agropecuario” will grant loans to certified producers.

(Law No. 29196, Web site of the Congress of Peru, Jan. 29, 2008).