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Norway; United Kingdom: Economic Zones Agreement

(May 14, 2009) On April 30, 2009, Norway and the United Kingdom concluded an agreement on the boundary between the economic zones of the two nations. Since 1977, when Norway established an economic zone and the U.K. delineated a fishery zone, the dividing line for the continental shelf as measured in 1965 has been used as a boundary. The new agreement establishes an exact position for the boundary, in accordance with the line that the Norwegian Mapping Authority and experts from the U.K. drew using the coordinates from the 1965 agreement. The coordinates have been transferred to the World Geodetic System for satellite navigation.

Commenting on the agreement, Rolf Einar Fife, Director General of the Legal Affairs Department of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that it “creates clarity and predictability both for the authorities and for private actors.” (Press Release, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway), New Agreement Between Norway and the UK on Economic Zones (Apr. 30, 2009), available at