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Nepal; United Nations: Human Rights Agreement

(Mar. 2, 2009) On February 20, 2009, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Nepal and Nepal's National Human Rights Council (NHRC) concluded an agreement on guidelines for their cooperation to promote and protect the rights of the people of that nation. The OHCHR representative in Nepal, Richard Bennett, stated that the U.N. organization would continue its monitoring of the human rights situation there and said of the agreement:

Key areas of collaboration will include the promotion of human rights through the dissemination of information and educational materials and the organisation of joint trainings for, amongst others, government, law enforcement officials and civil society. Both OHCHR and the NHRC will continue to actively engage with civil society in the pursuit of human rights goals and undertake joint activities with civil society partners, particularly human rights defenders, wherever appropriate.

The OHCHR will continue to follow cases it is already investigating, but new complaints of human rights problems will be referred to the NHRC. (Nepal: UN And National Human Rights Body Agree on Guidelines for Cooperation, UN NEWS, Feb. 20, 2009, from [email protected].)