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Nepal: Legislature Passes Constitutional Amendment

(Jan. 29, 2010) On January 28, 2010, Nepal's legislature passed the seventh amendment to the country's interim constitution. The amendment, which passed with a two-thirds majority, will permit the president, vice president, prime minister, and other high-ranking officials to take their oaths of office in their native languages. The issue became politically important when Parmananda Jha refused to take the oath of office for the vice presidency in Nepali, using Hindi instead. In 2009, the Supreme Court invalidated the oath. In addition to passing the amendment, the legislature reinstated Jha. (Seventh Amendment to Interim Constitution Passed,NEPAL NEWS.COM, Jan. 28, 2010, available at
; Seventh Amendment to Interim Constitution on VP Post, THE HIMALAYAN, Jan. 28, 2010, available at

The interim constitution dates from 2007; it requires a two-thirds majority for amendment. (Art. 148 ΒΆ 2, Interim Constitution of Nepal, WORLD STATESMEN.ORG, (last visited Jan. 28, 2010).)