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Mongolia: Constitutional Amendment Procedures to Be Discussed by Parliament

(Dec. 28, 2010) It was reported on December 10, 2010, that the unicameral Mongolian Parliament has agreed to further debate draft procedures on amending the country's Constitution, after its Standing Committee on the State Structure has discussed them. Nine legislators began consideration of draft procedures a year ago, aided by a working group that studied the constitutional amendment methods of 54 countries. (New Constitution Amendment Procedures to Be Discussed, MONGOLIA-WEB (Dec. 10, 2010),

During the discussion about holding further debate, one legislator made the suggestion that the Constitutional Court to be involved in the current drafting exercise. That gave rise, however, to the comment from another MP that “the role and status of the Constitutional Court itself needed redefining,” and to another retort that the Court “at present works as neither a court nor a council.” (Id.) Other legislators suggested that stronger protections for human rights should be included in any amendment of the Constitution; still others emphasized that no change should be made in the type of government provided for by the Constitution. (Id.)

The current Constitution of Mongolia was adopted on January 13, 1992, by the former 300-member People's Great Hural, and entered into force on February 1, 1992. The State Great Hural prescribed by the Constitution has only 76 members. (Mongolia – Constitution, & Ulsyn Ikh Khural (State Great Hural), Inter-Parliamentary Union website, (both last visited Dec. 22, 2010).)