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Mexico: Program to Ensure “Friendly” Return of Migrants Announced

(Feb. 2, 2016) Mexican Chancellor Claudia Ruiz Massieu, the foreign relations Secretary, announced that Mexico will launch an Open Door Program of assistance to ensure the “friendly” return to and reintegration of Mexican migrants in the country. Ruiz Massieu made the announcement during a speech she delivered at the 27th Meeting of Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls (REC), which was attended by 125 representatives of Mexico abroad, on January 7, 2016.  (Carlos Reyes, “Buscan Asegurar el Retorno “Amable” de los Migrantes, EL UNIVERSAL (Jan. 7, 2016).)

In a subsequent press conference, Ruiz Massieu explained that the government will extend the mandate of the 44 delegaciones (offices) of the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Relations located in the various Mexican states, in order that they may serve as the point of contact for migrants and their families and as a place where migrants may seek an institutional response to any problems they encounter upon their return to Mexico. (Id.)

The Chancellor elucidated that the 44 delegaciones should be like windows where, in coordination with other government agencies, migrants can be informed about the programs that might be of benefit to them, such as educational programs, health services, financal assistance, and housing programs. (Id.)