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Lithuania: Telecom Providers Required to Monitor All Customers

(Jan. 2, 2008) On December 18, 2007, the Parliament of Lithuania adopted amendments to the nation's Law on Electronic Communications, which obligate the providers of regular and mobile telephone services to obtain and preserve information on use of these means of communications by customers. According to the amendments, all phone and mobile companies must locate and keep within the next six months information on the location from which, when, with or to whom, and for how long customers spoke on the phone or sent instant messages and the IP addresses of computers used for sending email correspondence. The legislators explained that it was necessary to pass this provision because of the requirements of the Data Preservation Directive adopted by the European Parliament earlier in 2007. According to the text of the amendment, the content of the telephone conversation or email message will not be controlled. (V Litve budut Otslezhivat Vse Telefonnye Peregovory [All Telephone Conversations in Lithuania Will Be Monitored] (in Russian), NEWSRU.COM, Dec. 18, 2007.)