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Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzstan): Weapons for Members of Parliament

(Mar. 2, 2008) On January 23, 2008, the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted amendments to the nation's Law on Weapons that provide for issuance of service weapons to the members of the Kyrgyz Parliament and that regulate the related procedures. The passage of these amendments was considered justified by a series of premeditated killings of Kyrgyz legislators that occurred recently. According to the Law, the weapons will be used for personal self-defense. Each legislator may request, for the duration of his term in office, the same type of weapon as that used by the national police force. After the expiration of the legislative term, the weapons must be returned to the police. A set of rules adopted to implement these amendments provides for a prohibition on bringing weapons into the legislature's meeting hall and requires the establishment of an "armory" in the Parliament, where guns can be stored during the session. (Kyrgyz Deputies Obtained the Right to Possess Weapons, NEWSRU.COM INFORMATION AGENCY, Jan. 23, 2008.)