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Kenya: Lawmakers Amend the Constitution

(Apr. 2, 2008) The Kenyan President recently signed the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill and the National Accord and Reconciliation Bill into law. Before reaching the President's desk, the bills had been unanimously approved by the Kenyan Parliament.

The constitutional amendment will make a power-sharing deal reached between President Mwai Kibaki's ruling party and Raila Odinga's opposition Orange Democratic Movement a reality. Through the constitutional amendment, the posts of prime minister and two deputy prime ministers will be established. In addition, Cabinet seats will be evenly split between the two parties. (Kenyan President Signs Laws Needed for Power-Sharing Deal, AFP, Mar. 18, 2008, Open Source Center No. AFP20080319670001.)

Two other bills on the Parliament floor awaiting deliberation and approval are a bill to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and an ethnic relations bill. (Kenyan Parliament Passes Power-Sharing Amendment, VOANEWS.COM, Mar. 18, 2008, available at