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Japan: Climate Change Adaptation Act Enacted

(June 26, 2018) The Japanese Diet enacted the Climate Change Adaptation Act in June 2018. (Act No. 50 of 2018, Kanpou Extra Ed. No. 126, at 41 (June 13, 2018) (in Japanese).)

Before this legislation was passed, measures to reduce greenhouse gases were adopted on the basis of the Act on Promotion of Warming Countermeasures (Act No. 117 of 1990). However, there was no specific law to take measures against climate change. (Press Release, Ministry of the Environment, Concerning the Cabinet Decision on the Climate Change Adaptation Bill (Feb. 20, 2013).)

The Climate Change Adaptation Act obligates the national government to formulate a global-warming countermeasure plan and take measures to promote the suppression of greenhouse gas emissions. (Climate Change Adaptation Act art. 1.)  Local governments must promote measures to control emissions of greenhouse gases in accordance with the natural and social conditions of the area. (Id. art. 4.) Business operators must endeavor to take measures to suppress the emission of greenhouse gases in their business activities and cooperate with national and local governments in their directives regarding greenhouse gas emissions. (Id. art. 5.)