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Italy: Urgent Measures on Security Matters

(Feb. 15, 2011) Italy's Decree-Law No. 187 of November 12, 2010, adopted Misure urgenti in materia di sicurezza (Urgent Measures on Security Matters). The new measures deal with security for sports events; strengthen actions to be taken against organized crime, and include provisionson the functioning of the Ministry of the Interior, among other provisions. (Decree-Law No. 187, Gazzetta Ufficiale (GU), No. 265 (Nov. 12, 2010); conversion to law by Law No. 217 of Dec. 17, 2010, GU, No. 295(Dec. 18, 2010).)

To guarantee the security, public enjoyment, and accessibility of places where sport events are held, the Measures state that sanctions will be applied to sports associations that employ fewer personnel than the number foreseen in the security plan approved by the security operations unit.

Regardless of their jurisdictions and duties, security personnel can be entrusted with other responsibilities in support of police activity inside a sports arena. In the case of a serious or very serious personal injury resulting from actions in places where sports events are held, the responsible person will be punished as provided in the Criminal Code, the Measures state.

Under the new provisions, a “Fondo di Solidarieta Civile” [Fund of Civilian Solidarity] is created at the Ministry of the Interior to benefit victims of crimes perpetrated on the occasion or as a result of sports events, and sources of revenue for the fund are established.

In regard to organized crime, the new Decree-Law adopts measures to support the National Agency for the Administration and the Allocation of Goods Seized from Organized Crime; to strengthen international police cooperation to combat organized crime and all criminal conduct, transnational as well as domestic; and to enhance the government's ability to trace financial operations. The Decree-Law also provides for the appointment of members of a central advisory commission to adopt measures on personal security and for the adoption of urban security-related measures; administrative sanctions in cases of serious or reiterated labor violations; and provisions to assure extraordinary management by a commissioner for communes lost to mafia control.

The Decree-Law came into force on the day after its publication in the official gazette and was be submitted to the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic for the conversion into law. (Legge 19 novembre 2010, n. 210, Parlamento Italiano website, (last visited Feb. 7, 2011).)