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Iraq: Trial of Tariq Aziz

(June 2, 2008) On May 20, 2008, an Iraqi special tribunal began the trial of seven former officials of the Saddam Hussein regime. Among the defendants is the well known former Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Tariq Aziz. The case involves the executions of 42 merchants hours after their arrest and quick trial in 1992. The merchants were accused of having manipulated food supplies and driven prices up at a time when the country was under U.N. sanctions. The prosecutor, Adnan Ali, asked the court to mete out appropriate punishment “that will ease the hearts of widows” and said the seven defendants were responsible for the executions because they were members of the Revolutionary Command Council. (Iraqi Court Resumes Trial of Aziz, ASHARQ ALAWSAT, May 21, 2008, available at