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Iran: Nuclear Protection Achievement Bill Adopted into Law to Retaliate Against Foreign Sanctions

(July 16, 2010) It was reported on July 8, 2010, that in order to protect the country's national interests, the Majlis (Iran's Parliament) had adopted a law to retaliate against foreign unilateral sanctions and in response to a United Nations sanctions resolution, ratified by the U.N. Security Council on June 9, 2010, that also permits inspections of Iranian ships. The move came in the midst of reports that a fuel ban had been imposed on Iranian passenger planes in airports in the Untied Arab Emirates, Germany, and Britain, in the wake of ratification of unilateral sanctions by the United States and the European Union against Iran. However, UAE and German airport officials dismissed such reports and announced that refueling of Iranian planes has continued without any restrictions. (Iran Warns of Retaliation if Fuel Banned, PRESS TV (July 8, 2010),;Majlis Mulls a Plan on Protecting Nuclear Achievements, TEHRAN TIMES (July 5, 2010),

Methods of retaliation in kind envisaged by the Nuclear Protection Achievement Bill against countries that imposed sanctions included downgrading ties, ship inspections, and in general “changing behavior.” According to Kazem Jalali, spokesperson for the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, the motion for the legislation was accompanied “by around forty proposals by the legislators.” (Iran MPs Mulling 'Retaliation in Kind,' PRESS TV (July 4, 2010), The bill also called for banning “the inspection of Iranian nuclear sites beyond the requirements of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.” (TEHRAN TIMES, supra.) The text of the bill as adopted into law does not appear to be available in English translation at this time.