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Indonesia: Fishing Regulation to Be Implemented

(July 20, 2017) Indonesia’s Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister, Susi Pudjiastuti, recently announced that the use of cantrang, a kind of seine net for fishing, will no longer be permitted in Indonesian waters after December of this year. Cantrangs are part of a class of nets considered harmful to the environment in general and to coral reefs in particular.  They have been theoretically outlawed under a Ministry Regulation of 2015, but implementation of that regulation was suspended by President Joko Widodo following protests from the fishing community.  (‘Cantrang’ Ban Final: Susi, JAKARTA POST (July 12, 2017); Regulation of the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2/Permen-KP/2015 Concerning Prohibition of the Use of Fishing Trawls and Seine Nets in the Fishery Management Area of the Republic of Indonesia (Jan. 9, 2015), NFI Crab Council website (in Indonesian).)

Pudjiastuti noted that Widodo now agrees with her decision to implement the 2015 Regulation. To make the transition easier for those in the fishing industry, for boats weighing less than ten gross tons, the cantrang will be replaced by the government with other fishing equipment.  Owners of larger vessels will qualify for loans from either the Bank Rakyat Indonesia or the Bank Tabungan Negara, in order to finance the acquisition of replacement equipment.  The state owns a controlling interest in both of these banks.  (‘Cantrang’ Ban Final: Susi, supra.) The Minister stated that fishermen who have already replaced their cantrang with the updated gear have seen improved catches. (Id.)