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Indian Ocean Commission: Agreement on Telecommunications Fiber Cable

(Mar. 2, 2008) At a meeting held in mid-February 2008 in Addis Ababa, Indian Ocean islands agreed to be connected to each other and the rest of the world by fiber cable. The nations involved include Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion (a French region, not an independents state), and Seychelles. At present Mauritius and Reunion are connected to a cable system, and both governments have taken action to lower access costs. The purposes of the fiber project are to connect the rest of the islands and provide a level of redundancy to users of the cable system. The existing cable has sometimes been broken as a result of rough weather. The greatest demand for the service is expected in the future to come from Madagascar, which has the largest population. (East Africa: Indian Ocean Islands Agree a Scheme [sic] to Connect Themselves by Fibre<, BALANCING ACT (London), Feb. 18, 2008, available at