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Guatemala / Mexico: Agreement to Cooperate on Labor Matters Published

(Feb. 7, 2019) On January 24, 2019, Guatemala published in its official gazette, Diario de Centro América, the bilateral Agreement on Cooperation in Labor Matters it signed with Mexico in Geneva on June 6, 2018. (Agreement on Cooperation in Labor Matters Between the Government of the Republic of Guatemala and the Government of the United Mexican States, June 6, 2018, DIARIO DE CENTRO AMÉRICA, Jan. 24, 2019 (in Spanish).)

The Agreement’s objectives include promoting the exchange of qualitative and quantitative information on labor matters, including that regarding the situation of temporary migrant workers and how they access the labor markets in which they are integrated. Such information would assist in the design of appropriate programs to enhance their employment prospects. Other objectives include promoting the creation of mechanisms of cooperation that would allow regular, safe, and orderly labor migration between both nations and ensuring full respect for the rights of temporary migrant workers through appropriate dissemination and verification schemes to guarantee dignified and worthy working conditions. (Id.)

To achieve these objectives, both nations will create an Intergovernmental Technical Working Group (Grupo de Trabajo Técnico Intergubernamental, GTTI), for the proper design and implementation of dignified and decent employment programs. GTTI will be chaired by the Guatemalan Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Mexican Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare. (Id.)

The information exchanged on the basis of the Agreement or derived from the cooperative activities of the parties will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties without prior authorization of the other party to the Agreement. (Id.)

The Agreement will enter into force when the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala receives written notification through diplomatic channels that Guatemala is in compliance with the Guatemalan government’s internal legal requirements for the Agreement. The Agreement will remain in force indefinitely. (Id.)