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Guam (USA): Master Plan for Modernization of Commercial Port Approved

(Oct. 7, 2009) On September 11, 2009, an act to conditionally approve the Port of Guam Master Plan was approved by the legislature of Guam and signed into law by the Governor. (An Act to Approve Phase I of the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port of Guam Master Plan Update 2007 Report, 30th Guam Leg. P.L. 30-57, 30th Guam Legislature website, Sept. 15, 2009?, available at
.) Passage of this law followed approval of a Financial Feasibility Plan, Implementation Plan, and Economic Impact Statement in August of 2009. (Id., sect. 2). The Act authorizes the Port Authority to borrow $54.5 million to implement the part of the Master Plan that is not associated with the expected transfer of U.S. Marines from Okinawa in 2014. (Id., sect. 3).

Shortly after the enactment of P.L. 30-57, the U.S. Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command designated the Port of Guam as the United States' sixteenth commercial Strategic Seaport. The designation noted that “in the near future, Guam will experience growth in the total number of U.S. military forces, including approximately 8,000 U.S. Marines, over 600 U.S. Army Soldiers, and their dependents.” (United States Transportation Command, Memorandum (Sept. 17, 2009), available at
.) On September 24, 2009, the Port Authority of Guam was awarded almost $1 million in American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funds to modernize the port and help it prepare for emergencies and disasters. (Press Release, Port Authority of Guam, Port Awarded Nearly $1M in ARRA Port Security Grants (Sept. 24, 2009), available at
.) The Port Authority has already received $2.6 million in federal Homeland Security/FEMA grants, awarded earlier in 2009, to house new security systems. (Id.)

On September 30, 2009, the U.S. Office of Economic Adjustment awarded the Government of Guam three new grants totaling approximately $3.5 million out of Department of Defense funds. One of these grants was to help modernize and expand the Port of Guam. (Office of Economic Adjustment Awards $3.5M to the Government of Guam [scroll down to view], Office of the Governor of Guam website, Sept. 30, 2009, available at,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/limit,9/