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Egypt: Tribal Council Fines Journalist

(Nov. 2, 2007) In a precedent, the first of its kind in journalism, a customary tribal judicial council in Sinai has fined a journalist member of al-Byadiah tribe, who was accused of slander and libel, 2.7 million Egyptian pounds, the equivalent of the price of 1,000 female camels, to be paid to the al-Tarabin tribe. The Al-Tarabin tribe waived one million of the fine and is willing to waive the remaining amount if the al-Byadiah tribe hoists 12 flags on 12 of its houses as a symbol of apology and publishes a written apology in three official newspapers. (A Tribal Council in Sinai Fines a Journalist an Amount Equal to One Thousand Female Camels for Libel and Slander, ASHARQ ALAWSAT, Oct. 23, 2007.)