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Croatia: Personal Identification Numbers Issued

(June 2, 2008) On May 9, 2008, the Croatian Parliament adopted the Law on Personal Identification Numbers, under which personal identification numbers (PINs) will be introduced in Croatia for both individuals and businesses at the beginning of 2009. The numbers will be determined randomly, so that personal data cannot be identified. The PIN for new-born babies and newly established companies will be introduced at the beginning of 2009 and for existing companies and private citizens at the beginning of 2011. The new PINs will have 11 digits, preceded by the designation HR. They will be issued by the Tax Authority and allocated to Croatian citizens, companies that have their corporate seat in Croatia, and foreign nationals wishing to do transactions in Croatia. The number allocation procedure will be determined by special rules adopted by the government. (Parliament Adopts Law on Personal Identification Numbers, HINA (Croatian News Agency) English-Language Service, May 9, 2008, available at