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Croatia: High Court Upholds War Crimes Conviction

(Aug. 5, 2010) On July 30, 2010, Croatia's Supreme Court upheld the conviction of Branimir Glavas on war crimes charges, but reduced his sentence from ten years of imprisonment to eight. Glavas, a former member of the Croatian Parliament, was convicted in 2009 of ordering the 1991 torture and execution of Croatian Serbs. The reason for the shortening of the sentence for the war crimes was that the Supreme Court determined that he should have been found guilty of one count of the crime, not two. Prosecutors had argued for an even longer sentence, but the Court rejected their request. Three co-defendants also received reduced sentences under the recent Court decision. (Dwyer Arce, Croatia High Court Upholds Lawmaker's War Crimes Conviction, PAPERCHASE NEWSBURST (July 30, 2010), http://
; Judgment of the Supreme Court of Croatia (Zagreb) [in Croatian], http://</sp
(last visited Aug. 2, 2010).)

Glavas had been stripped of his parliamentary immunity in 2008. He holds both Bosnian and Croatian citizenship and fled to Bosnia to avoid imprisonment following his original sentencing. He was arrested in Bosnia on an Interpol warrant. (Arce, supra.)