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Bulgaria: Foreign Military Operations Allowed

(May 2, 2008) On April 11, 2008, the Parliament of Bulgaria revised the Law on Defense and Armed Forces of Bulgaria. The amendment repeals a provision that stated that military service will be carried out within the territory of Bulgaria and inserts a new provision according to which a refusal to carry out military service abroad qualifies as dereliction of military duties, punishable by disciplinary sanctions or discharge, thereby legalizing participation of Bulgarian personnel in military missions outside of the country. This provision will also apply to physicians, logistic officers, and other civilians who will be eligible for assignment to operations and missions in foreign states. These civilians will be awarded the military rank required for the period of their participation in the armed forces. They will also enjoy the status of members of the permanent reserve. (Military Service May Be Carried Out Outside Bulgaria's Territory, BULGARIAN TELEGRAPH AGENCY DAILY NEWS, Apr. 11, 2008, Emerging Markets Database.)