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Bulgaria; European Union: Ratification of Lisbon Treaty

(Apr. 2, 2008) On March 21, 2008, Bulgaria ratified the Lisbon Treaty; seven European Union Members that have endorsed the Treaty thus far. The other Members that have already done so include Austria, France, Hungary, Malta, Romania, and Slovenia. According to its advocates, the purpose of the Treaty, signed on December 13, 2007, by 27 Member States is to make EU institutions more efficient and improve decision-making procedures.

As to ratification of the Treaty, Poland remains uncertain, because the opposition party led by President Lech Kaczynski has threatened that it will veto the ratification unless Poland retains more sovereign power and the country's constitution remains the supreme law of the land. Poles still have the right to decide on ratification by means of a referendum if the Parliament decides against it, however, and reportedly 70 percent of the population supports the Treaty. Ireland is also expected to hold a referendum on ratification of the Treaty sometime in June. (Bulgarian Parliament Ratifies EU Treaty, EUOBSERVER, Mar. 25, 2008; Treaty of Lisbon, EUROPA, (last visited Mar. 31, 2008); see also EUROPEAN UNION – Reform Treaty, 11 W.L.B. 2007, at 11.)