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Brazil: Ten People Arrested on Suspicion of Terrorism

(July 26, 2016) On July 21, 2016, the Brazilian Federal Police arrested ten Brazilian nationals based on the recently enacted anti-terrorism law. (Lei No. 13.260, de 16 de Março de 2016 [Law 13,260 of March 16, 2016], PLANALTO; Eduardo Soares, Brazil: New Anti-Terrorism Law Enacted, GLOBAL LEGAL MONITOR (Apr. 15, 2016).) They are suspected of preparing to carry out terrorist acts during the Olympic Games now being held in Rio. (Lauro Jardim, Marcio Menasce, & Thiago Herdy, Polícia Federal prende dez suspeitos de preparem atos terroristas durante Olimpíada do Rio [Federal Police Apprehend Ten Persons Suspected of Preparing Terrorist Acts During the Olympics in Rio], O GLOBO (July 21, 2016).)

In a news conference, the Minister of Justice, Alexandre de Moraes, said that the Federal Police had been performing investigative work and detected the beginning of preparations for acts of terrorism. Moraes said the persons who were arrested had taken an oath of allegiance to the Islamic State over the Internet, were planning to buy a rifle (AK 47), and celebrated the recent terrorist attacks in France and the United States. The investigation found evidence the group advocates racial, gender, and religious intolerance and the use of weapons and guerrilla tactics to achieve their goals.  (Id.)

According to article 3 of Law No. 13,260, whoever promotes, creates, takes part in, or provides assistance to a terrorist organization, whether in person or through an intermediary, will be punished upon conviction with five to eight years in prison and a fine. (Lei 13.260, art. 3). Whoever performs acts to prepare for acts of terrorism will receive the same punishment. (Id. art. 5.)