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Brazil: No Violent Fans for the World Cup

(June 23, 2014) On June 10, 2014, the Ministry of Justice published Administrative Act No. 933, which provides that entrance into the country is to be denied during Brazil’s hosting of the World Cup to anyone who is included in the National System of Wanted Persons (Sistema Nacional de Procurados e Impedidos) as a “member of a group involved with violence in stadiums” (Portaria No. 933, de 9 de Junho de 2014, art. 1, D.O.U. No. 109, Seção 1, de 10.06.2014, at 34). Responsibility for implementing the rule falls to those responsible for border control and for monitoring migratory activities in ports, international airports, and overland surveillance migration posts (id.).

The measures of Act No. 933 do not prevent the application of the relevant mechanisms of international legal cooperation or impair the fulfillment of Brazil’s international commitments (id. art. 3). They also do not exclude other cases in which entry into the country is to be prohibited as established by law (id. art. 4). Act No. 933 entered into force on the date of its publication and will be valid until July 13, 2014 (id. art. 5).