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Brazil: No Pedophiles Allowed in Brazil

(May 30, 2014) On May 22, 2014, the Brazilian Minister of Justice, Eduardo Cardozo, and the Minister of the Human Rights Secretariat, Ideli Salvatti, signed an Inter-Ministerial Act prohibiting aliens who have been convicted of or who are or have been involved with pornography or sexual exploitation of children and adolescents from entering Brazil. (Portaria Interministerial No. 876, de 22 de Maio de 2014, D.O.U. Seção I, No. 97, de 23 de Maio de 2014, PESQUISA JORNAIS website.) The new rule has immediate affect and will be applied to the foreigners traveling to Brazil for the World Cup in June 2014. (Press Release, Ministério da Justiça, Ministros Assinam Portaria que Impede Entrada de Pedófilos no Brasil (May 22, 2014).)

To authorize the entry of foreigners into the country, in addition to consulting the Interpol database, which maintains a specific register of persons convicted of sexual crimes, the immigration officers will now consult the database of the Federal Police and complaints made to a direct line of communication with the Brazilian Secretariat of Human Rights (id.). According to Salvatti, it is a very important policy to bar the entry not only of persons convicted in other countries for crimes of violence, pedophilia, and abuse of children and adolescents in other countries, but also persons who are suspected of or are being investigated or prosecuted for such crimes (id.).

Cardozo was quoted as saying that the new rule applies to aliens who are in possession of a valid visa and to aliens coming from countries from which a visa is not required. Such persons may be stopped when trying to enter the country if the gathered information shows that they are involved in pedophilia (id.).