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Brazil: National Indicted on Suspicion of Planning Terrorist Attack

(June 20, 2016) In June 2016, the Brazilian Federal Police indicted an individual suspected of planning a terrorist attack in the country for three crimes — incitement to crime, violation of the law against religious prejudice, and breach of the national security law. (Penal Code, Law No. 2,848 (Dec. 7, 1940), art. 286, PLANALTO; Law on Racial or Religious Prejudice, Law No. 7,716 (Jan. 5, 1989), PLANALTO; National Security Law, Law No. 7,170 (Jan. 14, 1983), PLANALTO; Felipe Coutinho, Terrorismo no Brasil: PF Indicia Suspeito de Planejar Atentado com Arma Sniper, ÉPOCA (June 7, 2016).)

According to the Federal Police, in 2013, Ibrahim Chaiboun Darwiche, a restaurant owner who lives in the city of Chapecó located in the State of Santa Catarina, spent 87 days in Dar Ta Izzah, a city in Syria controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), where he allegedly received religious indoctrination and military training, and then returned to the country to plan the attacks. (Coutinho, supra.)

The investigation of Darwiche began when the Federal Police found a video that he had produced and later broadcasted on the Internet defending the attacks perpetrated by ISIL against Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, in Paris. During the investigation, the Federal Police discovered that Darwiche was planning an attack in in Brazil when they found in his house a training routine laid down in a handwritten note that included on a schedule of activities the study of sniper shooting, to be carried out from 1 to 2 a.m. Drawings with different shooting points in the spine of a target were also found at his house. (Id.)

If convicted, Darwiche faces up to ten years in prison. For the time being, he is wearing an electronic anklet to allow the police to monitor him 24 hours a day, until the end of the Olympic Games. (Id.)