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Brazil: Justice Tribunal of the State of Rio de Janeiro Implements New Means to Access Legal Materials

(May 2, 2014) The Justice Tribunal of the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro has implemented a new means to access the laws used during the sessions of the tribunal. The Electronic System for Judgment Sessions (Sistema Eletrônico de Sessão de Julgamento, eSSJ), which was designed according to the sustainability and economy policy established by the court, gives the judges electronic access to the laws used during court sessions, replacing the hard copies of the materials usually consulted, such as books and codes, thereby helping judges adjudicate cases and saving costs and reducing the impact on the environment of printed materials. (Press Release, Poder Judiciário do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Legislação eletrônica possibilita economia anual de cerca de R$ 43,5 mil ao TJRJ (Apr 28, 2014).)

After the implementation of eSSF in Novembers 2013, instead of 33 sets of materials, totaling 240 copies, only two sets of printed materials are available for judges; they are included to maintain access to the information in case of a momentary unavailability of eSSJ. (Id.)

One other initiative taken by the court, designed according to the same policy, has to do with the acquisition of materials, with specifications that demonstrate compliance with sustainability requirements and that are in accordance with the standards established by the regulatory bodies and the appropriate legislation. (Id.)

The acquisition of materials took into account the role of the judicial branch of the state in the introduction and regulation of sustainable development. The state can heavily influence the market with its high purchasing power for goods that are essential to its operation as well as reducing the demand for natural resources and improving the social and environmental performance of the administration of the state tribunal. (Id.)