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Brazil: Congress Analyzes Changes to Code of Criminal Procedure

(Nov. 2, 2007) The Commission of Constitution, Justice and Citizenship of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved a proposed law amending the Code of Criminal Procedure. The proposed law is part of a body of proposals previously sent in 2001 to the National Congress by the Brazilian Presidency. Among the many changes to the Code, which include a new summary procedure and a new ordinary procedure, the most significant one is the implementation of a single hearing for both procedures, in contrast to the multiple hearings now in existence. According to Senator Ideli Salvatti, the reduction in the number of hearings will expedite the criminal procedural process. The proposed law will now be analyzed by the Federal Senate during its plenary session. (CCJ Aprova Projeto que Altera o Código de Processo Penal para Agilizar Procedimentos do Judiciário, JURID, Oct. 10, 2007.)