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Brazil: City of Rio de Janeiro Bans Plastic Straws

(July 10, 2018) On July 4, 2018, the mayor of the city of Rio de Janeiro sanctioned Law No 6,384, which bans plastic straws in the city. (Lei No. 6.384, de 4 de Julho de 2018, DIÁRIO OFICIAL ELETRÔNICO DO MUNICÍPIO DO RIO DE JANEIRO, No. 73, July 5, 2018, at 3.) Article 1 of the Law requires restaurants, snack bars (lanchonete), bars and similar places, beach barracks, and street vendors in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro to use and provide their customers with straws made only of biodegradable and/or recyclable paper. The straws must also be individually and hermetically packed with similar material. (Law No. 6,384, art. 1). Noncompliance is punishable by a fine of R$3.000,00 (about US$773.80). (Id. art. 2.) Recidivists are subject to a fine of R$6.000.00 (about US$1,547.60). (Id. art. 3.)