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Bangladesh: Parliament Strengthens Environmental Protection Legislation

(Oct. 8, 2010) On September 27, 2010, the Bangladeshi Parliament passed the Environment Protection Bill 2010, to amend the Bangladesh Environment Protection Act 1995. The amended law “empowers the government to control the production, processing, stockpiling, supplying, transporting, importing, exporting, dumping and disposal” of hazardous waste. (Ship-Breakers to Face 10 Years Jail for Pollution, THE DAILY STAR (Sept. 28, 2010), available at

The law increases punishment for offenses causing environment pollution, to up to 10 years' imprisonment and a substantial monetary fine. The stiffer penalty also applies to particular offenses, such as causing a health hazard, by anyone involved in the ship-breaking business. By the same token, the law therefore newly requires owners of ship-breaking yards, and ship owners and importers, to ensure that no environmental risks or health hazards are caused by ship-breaking. (Id.)

The amended law empowers individuals or communities affected by environmental pollution to file cases with the environment court seeking compensation. The Director General of the Directorate of Environment may also file a case on behalf of affected persons or communities. (Id.)

The law requires that an environmental clearance certificate be obtained from the Directorate of Environment before the setting up of any industrial site. Industries established before the enactment of the new provision will also have to obtain environmental clearance certificates. The amended law states in addition that the government will be allowed to declare any place an ecologically critical area subject to heightened environmental protection. (Id.)