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Bahrain: Penalties Increased for Attacking Military Personnel

(July 20, 2012) Pursuant to articles 221 and 339 of the Bahrain Criminal Law No. 15 of 1976, an assault on the person of a public employee (including military personnel) during or because of the discharge of his duties is a crime punishable by incarceration of up to three years (habs) or a fine of up to 200 Dinars (about US$534). (Law No. 15 (1976) [in Arabic], Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission website (last visited July 19, 2012).)

Article 221 has been amended recently to increase the penalties when the victim is a member of the military. Article 1 of Law No. 33 of 2012 adds a new paragraph to article 221, stating that the punishment must be imprisonment for a minimum of three years (sijn), as described by article 52 of Law No. 15 of 1976, when the assault targets a member of the Public Security Forces, the Bahrain Defense Force, the National Guard, or the National Security Agency. The new paragraph further provides that the punishment shall not be less than seven years' imprisonment if the attack results in an unintentional permanent disability, not less than ten years' imprisonment if it results in an intentional permanent disability, or life imprisonment if it results in unintentional death. (The King Issues a Law Requiring Imprisonment for Those Who Attack MilitaryPersonnel [in Arabic], ALWASAT (July 13, 2012).)