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Azerbaijan: Election Law Changed

(July 2, 2008) On June 3, 2008, amendments to the Electoral Code of Azerbaijan were passed by the nation's legislature. The amendments, which were proposed by the Azerbaijani presidential administration on the eve of a new presidential election campaign, shorten the duration of the campaign, prohibit any electoral activities earlier than three months before the election, and remove provisions requiring that all campaign financial transactions be made using one main account for the candidate that is registered with the national electoral commission. Other amendments deal with the composition of the electoral commissions at the national and local levels, providing for the increased role of the ruling party and prohibiting participation of nongovernmental organizations and parties, which are not represented in the Parliament. (Parliament of Azerbaijan Passes Changes to Election Law. TURAN (Azeri State News Agency), Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights official website, (last visited June 20, 2008).)