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Armenia: Laws Will Be Passed in Foreign Languages

(Dec. 15, 2008) On December 2, 2008, the Armenian Parliament approved amendments to the Law on Legal Acts that obligate the government to draft, and the legislature to pass, legal acts on aviation and nuclear energy in foreign languages. The specific foreign languages are not listed in the amended Act but will depend on the particular law involved. These laws will apply to employees working in these fields who are obliged to know other languages and communicate with foreigners during the course of their work. It is expected that the official issuance of legal acts in foreign languages will substitute for current legislation, which exists only in Armenian and complicates communications with foreign pilots and nuclear power station personnel because of misinterpretation of translated terms, resulting in threats to public safety. (Armenian Parliament Authorizes Adoption of Legal Acts on Aviation in Foreign Languages, ARKA NEWS AGENCY, Dec. 2, 2008, available at