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Algeria: Campaign to Amend Constitution

(Aug. 27, 2008) It was reported on August 27, 2008, that at a massive meeting held in the city of Blida, the National Liberation Front, which controls the majority in the Algerian Parliament, initiated a campaign to amend the Constitution and allow the President of the Republic, Abdul Alaziz Boutafliqa, to remain in power for a third term. When asked if the President had the desire to be a candidate for a third term, the Minister of State, Abd al-Aziz Belkhadem, told reporters that “if the president is not convinced of the importance of his candidacy, we will convince him.” (Algeria: The Majority Party in Parliament Initiates the Campaign to Amend the Constitution and Extend the Term for Boutafliqa, ASHARQ ALAWSAT, Aug. 27, 2008, available at >