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Albania: Tax Procedures Changed

(Mar. 1, 2010) Albania's tax procedures have been amended by a law that became effective on February 5, 2010. Law No. 10209 amends tax reporting, violation, and penalty provisions of the Law on Tax Procedures. There will no longer be a minimum penalty amount; instead the penalty is 5% to 25% of the tax liability. Taxpayers will have 12 months following their filing of tax returns to submit any adjustments, but doing so will not invalidate any penalties imposed. Employers hiring new workers will need to notify the tax authorities a day before the new employees begin work, rather than the two days previously required. Failure to do so will result in a fine of ALL50,000-100,000 (about US$481-$962) for the employer. (Yaroslav Ganzenko, Albania: Changes to Tax Procedures, TAX NEWS SERVICE, Feb. 24, 2010, subscription newsletter from [email protected].)

The monetary penalty for failure to install equipment to register cash transactions has been increased from ALL100,000 to ALL500,000 (about US$4,811); if there are repeat violations, the business may even be closed down. The same fines may be imposed for failure to issue receipts for sales of goods and services; repeat violations of this rule may result in a suspension of business activities for up to six months. (Id.)

In addition, the tax authorities will be able to seize documents and data storage facilities used by taxpayers if there is a credible suspicion that taxes have not been fully paid. (Id.)