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The following recordings featuring Harry Carroll are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer I love the moonlight Female-male vocal duet, with orchestra Helen Clark; Walter Van Brunt 1913-07-23
Composer There's a girl in the heart of Maryland Male vocal solo, with orchestra Harry Macdonough 1913-07-03
Composer It takes a little rain with the sunshine to make the world go round Male vocal solo, with orchestra Walter Van Brunt 1913-05-09
Composer Off with the old love, on with the new Male vocal duet, with bells and orchestra Albert Campbell; Henry Burr 1914-03-17
Composer By the beautiful sea Male vocal quintet, with orchestra Heidelberg Quintette 1914-05-28
Composer She is the sunshine of Virginia Band Victor Military Band 1916-09-08
Composer Down in Bom-Bombay Band Conway's Band 1915-09-23
Composer Jane Band Victor Military Band 1915-06-21
Composer Down in Bom-Bombay Male vocal duet, with orchestra Collins and Harlan 1915-07-16
Composer The sweetest little girl in Tennessee Male vocal trio, with orchestra Sterling Trio 1917-06-19