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John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa (1854–1932), despite his reputation as "The March King" (an epithet that made him bristle), was a versatile and prolific composer of many musical genres, including comic operas, of which he composed many. But it was great number and consistent quality of his marches that earned him lasting fame. As a melodist Sousa was unparalleled, and his multi-themed marches never fail to delight the ear with their catchy, singable, and often surprising melodies. Sousa, although not fond of the phonograph or recording, did allow the use of his name and participation of his musicians in the making of records. His lengthy association with the Victor Company began in 1901. Sousa's Band also made recordings for the Columbia, Edison, and Berliner labels, but Sousa very rarely conducted his ensemble during those sessions.

The following recordings featuring John Philip Sousa are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Composer Washington Post march Orchestra Victor Dance Orchestra [i.e., Pryor's Orchestra] 1904-06-27
Composer Hands across the sea (march) Band Sousa's Band 1923-04-10
Composer El capitan march Band Sousa's Band [i.e., Victor Orchestra] 1908-10-23
Composer Man behind the gun march Band Sousa's Band 1908-10-21
Composer Semper fidelis march Band Sousa's Band 1904-12-12
Composer The diplomat Concert band Sousa's Band 1904-12-06
Composer Manhattan Beach march Band Sousa's Band 1908-10-22
Composer Manhattan Beach march Band Sousa's Band 1923-07-20
Composer Free lance march Band Sousa's Band 1906-04-09
Composer Jack Tar march Band Sousa's Band 1905-10-26