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Reinald Werrenrath

Reinald Werrenrath (1883–1953) was an American baritone of great versatility who sang on several hundred Victor recordings, both as a soloist and as part of vocal ensembles. Among the groups in which he participated were the Orpheus Quartet, Lyric Quartet, Victor Light Opera Company, and Trinity Choir. Werrenrath performed for a few seasons at the Metropolitan Opera beginning in 1919. He also taught at several music institutions, including the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, Maryland.

The following recordings featuring Reinald Werrenrath are available in the National Jukebox:

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  Artist Role Title Description Primary Performer(s) Date
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Hail to the chief Male vocal quartet, with bagpipes Victor Male Quartet 1915-06-14
Vocalist - Baritone vocal When that I was a little tiny boy Male vocal trio, unaccompanied Harry Macdonough; Raymond Dixon [i.e., Lambert Murphy]; Reinald Werrenrath 1915-01-21
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Duke of Marlborough Male vocal trio, unaccompanied Reinald Werrenrath; Raymond Dixon [i.e., Lambert Murphy]; Harry Macdonough 1915-01-21
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Highlanders! Fix bayonets! Male vocal solo, with orchestra Edward Hamilton [i.e., Reinald Werrenrath] 1915-01-29
Vocalist - Baritone vocal The ivy-green Baritone vocal solo, with piano Reinald Werrenrath 1915-01-29
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Gems from In a Persian garden Vocal chorus and soloists, with orchestra Victor Opera Company 1915-02-19
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Broadway favorites Vocal chorus and soloists, with orchestra Victor Light Opera Company 1914-07-09
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Gems from Passing show of 1914 Vocal chorus and soloists, with orchestra Victor Opera Company 1914-07-09
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Blow, blow thou winter wind Male vocal solo, with male vocal quartet and woodwinds Male vocal quartet; Raymond Dixon [i.e., Lambert Murphy] 1914-12-23
Vocalist - Baritone vocal Nazareth Mixed vocal quartet, with orchestra Lyric Quartet 1914-07-24