b'A. Book Tree Ornament I. Library Cherry Blossom OrnamentL-MPoems, adventures, fairy tales, and Merry ChristmasThis elegant ornament is adorned with the Library of books stack to form this pewter book tree. RedCongress Thomas Jefferson Building surrounded by ribbon. 3.25"l. colorful cherry blossoms. Made in USA. Enameled pewter. 21506072 $15.00 Gift boxed. 2"l. x 3"w.B. Symbol of Knowledge Ornament21502050 $18.95Celebrate higher learning with this festive satin fabricJ. Adams Owl Ornament ornament. Embroidered with zardozi stitching. GoldAdapted from the owl sentinels that reside outside of our hanging cord. 3.5"dia. Science, Technology, and Business reading room in the 21606087 $16.95 John Adams building. Fabric with zardozi embellishment.C. Library Wreath Ornament21506364 $16.95The open book represents knowledge, the torchK. Minerva Ornament represents enlightenment, and feathers representEvocative of the Minerva mosaic by Elihu Vedder that wisdom and spiritual evolution. Inspired by a carvingresides in our Great Hall. The Roman goddess of learning in the Thomas Jefferson Building. Resin and enameledand wisdom is portrayed as the Minerva of Peace.brass. Gift boxed. 3"dia. Made in USA. Glass, 2.5"l. x 1.5"w. 21506359 $26.95 21506360 $24.00 D. Glass Book Ornament L. Gutenberg Bible Facsimile SetDelicate blown glass is hand-decorated with anPublished in Mainz around 1455, the Gutenberg Bible was antique patina and I cannot live without books quote.the first major Western publication to be printed with Boxed. 4"l. x 3"w. x 2.5"d. movable metal type. This facsimile is a complete reprint 21506014 $36.95 and made to emulate the vellum edition. The Gutenberg Bible ushered in the mass production of printed books E. 2019 Annual Ornamentand is considered one of the most valuable books in the Long before Lady Liberty, Columbia was theworld. The Library of Congress collections contain one of embodiment of America. She first appeared in Phillisonly three vellum editions of the book. Set contains two Wheatleys poem His Excellency General Washington.volumes, plus a companion book written (in English) by A mural of Columbia decorates the ceiling in theStephan Fussel, the Gutenberg Chair at Mainz University. Library. Resin and enameled brass. Gift boxed. 3"dia.1,396 pages. N-P21506030 $26.95 21101203 Orig. $150.00 Holiday Price $135.00 F. Book and Scroll OrnamentM. Nativity Snow GlobeA laurel leaf motif encircles architectural details seenThe Holy Family is depicted on a gilded book with goldtone throughout the Great Hall of the Library of Congress.glitter inside the globe. Plays O Holy Night. 6"h. x 4.25"dia. Made in USA. Enameled brass. Gift boxed. 2.75"dia.21508216 $49.0021502044 $18.95 N. Cat on Books Snow GlobeG. Vintage Globe Ornament On hiatus from her studies, our feline rests on a mound of A handsome Renaissance map is rendered withself-inspired literary classics including The Great Catsby authentic details, such as brass finials and papier- and A Tail of 2 Cats. Glass globe and resin base. 5"h. x 4"dia. mch. Our Geography and Maps division collections21508044 $49.95contain antique maps like the Waldseemller. Boxed. 3.5"dia.O. Jefferson Building Snow Globe 21506040 $15.00 The Librarys iconic Thomas Jefferson building rests upon a resin base wrapped in vintage books. States I cannot live H. Skylight Ornamentwithout books. 2.75"dia. glass globe. 3.5"h.This ornament takes its inspiration from the glass21505275 $15.00 mosaic ceiling located in the Great Hall of our Thomas Jefferson Building. Enameled pewter. Gift boxed. MadeP. Violin Snow Globein USA. 2.75"dia. A violin wrapped in musical notes centers this whimsical 21506050 $18.95 snowglobe. The Librarys music collections include Stradivarius violins. Plays Vivaldis Spring. Base rotates. Approx. 6.25"h. 21505997 $49.00loc.gov/shop|1.888.682.3557 5'