b'Customer Service 101 Independence Ave. SE Mail Stop 4912Washington, D.C.20540-4912A. George Washington Bust C. Abraham Lincoln Statue E. American Eagle StatueThe first president of the United States as sculpted byThis replica honors the 16th president of the United States.The universal symbol of courage and power, the eagle also Jean-Antoine Houdon. A similar bust resides in our GreatIt resides in the Lincoln Memorial. Composite resin. 8"h. represents American freedom. The bald eagle became the Hall. Polyresin. 6"h. 21508214 $45.00national symbol in 1782. Made in USA of bonded marble. 21506112 $26.005.25"w. x 3.5"d. x 7.4"h. D. Themis Statue 21508209 $45.00 B. Thomas Jefferson Bust The Greek goddess of divine law and order also personifies An elegant replica of Jean-Antoine Houdons bust ofgood counsel and wisdom. The Law Library of CongressF. Aristotle & Homer BookendsThomas Jefferson at the age of 43. The papers of provides research and reference assistance and houses As you sit pondering the big ideas of our time, employ Thomas Jefferson are held in the Librarys Manuscriptan international staff of foreign law attorneys. Plaster.some inspiration from the poet and the philosopherHomer Division. Made in USA. 12"h.7.5"w. x 7"d. x 13"h.and Aristotle. Statues of great Greek thinkers, including 21503078 $140.0021508192 $50.00Homer, are found along the balustrade in the Librarys Main Reading Room. Cold cast resin with plaster finish. Pair. Made in USA. 4" sq. x 8"h. each21501023 $35.00 32 Library ExLibracrluy Exsiveclu |e|inspiry bed booky bs ooks loc.gov/shop|1.888.682.3557 sivinspired b'