b'CUSTOMERC E G I K MFAVORITESAB D F H J L NA. Jefferson Leather JournalJohn Y. Cole. Softcover, 128 pages.F. Dome Ceiling Wooden PuzzleI. Reading Lady Jewelry K. I Cannot Live Without Books EarringsM. 2020 Library of Congress Desk Calendar This genuine leather journal is embossed with a silhouette21107160 $19.95Inspired by the domed ceiling of our Main Reading Room,Delicately styled in sterling silver and brass, this ensembleA different spin on Jeffersons famous quote forms theseFeatures photos of architectural elements from the of Thomas Jefferson. Includes brass page-markers of athis wooden puzzle replicates its artistic splendor andstill makes a bold statement. Handmade in the Taxcoearrings. Silver electroplated on solid brass. Pierced. MadeLibrarys buildings. Photos by Carol Highsmith are found bust and book. 160 ringed unlined pages. 7.25"l. x 5"w.D. I Cannot Live Without Books Capsymbolism. 40 pieces. Made in England. Finished sizejewelry tradition.in USA. Approx. 2"l. in our Prints and Photographs collections. Easel back. 21408404 $22.00 Thomas Jeffersons famous quote is embroidered on theapprox. 8"l. x 8"w.21509973 Pin, 1"l. x 1.25"w.21507105 $29.00 Made in USA. 6.25"l. x 6"w. front and Library of Congress is stitched on the back.21504361$20.00 21509974 Pierced Earrings, .75"l. x .5"w.21407040 $14.25B. Dome BookendsOne size fits most; adjustable back strap.Each $22.00 L. Documents of FreedomThese bookends are a replica of our Thomas JeffersonCotton canvas. G. Minerva Statue This set contains the countrys most formative documents:N. Library of Congress Reading Teddy Bear buildings copper cupola. Embossed with the Library of21305060 $20.00 As the goddess of wisdom, Minerva is rendered in theJ. Thomas Jefferson Building TrayDeclaration of Independence, Constitution of the UnitedHis tee boasts Thomas Jefferson\'s famous quote and the Congress. Cast resin; protective rubber feet. Pair. Eachgrand mosaic just outside of our Main Reading Room in ourAn original watercolor painting of the Librarys majesticStates of America, and the Bill of Rights and other writings.book cover is printed with Library of Congress. Felt book approx. 10"dia. x 8.125"h. E. Library BookmarksThomas Jefferson Building. This sentry is cold cast metalItalian Renaissance building is rendered on white porcelain.Set of 3 hardbound books in slipcase. Printed in USA.is stitched to paws. Ages 3 and up. Warning: Small parts 21509823 Orig. $65.00 Holiday Price $49.99 Solid brass bookmarks are enameled. Made in USA. with a bronze/pewter finish. 14.5"h. 3.75"l. x 6.25"w. x 1"d. 6.8"h. x 4.3"w. may create a choking hazard. 8"h.C. On These Walls21502025 I Cannot Live without Books, 3.75"l. x 1"w.21303515 Orig. $85.00 Holiday Price $69.99 21505948 $25.00 21105730 $35.0021505250 $14.95This beautifully illustrated book is a guide to help locate,21502029 Skylight, 2.5"dia.H. Quill Pen Setidentify and appreciate the gems of knowledge and worksEach $12.95 Pen set includes feather, wooden pen, six pen nibs, ink and of art found in the Librarys buildings. Written bya storage box. Thomas Jefferson used quill pens to write the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence.21503049 $30.0028 Library Exclusive|inspired by books loc.gov/shop|1.888.682.3557 29'