b'A-E MEMORY. REASON. IMAGINATION.One of the enduring legacies that Thomas Jefferson bestowed upon the American public was the sale of his personal library of 6,487 books to Congress in 1815. Jefferson was a serious book collector and organized his library into three primary categories: Memory (History), Reason (Philosophy), and Imagination (Fine Arts). Many of those original books are held in the care of the Librarys Rare Book and Special Collections Division.F-G Tis the SeasonB The holiday season is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, enjoy cherished traditions that you hold dear, and to decorate your space. The Library has unique gift ideas to capture the imagination and honor those that mean the most to you. Youll find a wide array of ideas for book lovers of every age, history buffs, and stocking stuffers that are sure to please.I hope you enjoy browsing our 2019 Holiday Catalog and discover special gifts for you COVER STORY C. Antique Books Marble CoasterF. Library of Congress Throwand your loved ones. You can visit us online Open Book Dinnerware sold on page 17 A distinguished design to perfectly place your beverageShelf after shelf of woven books and objects fromanytime at loc.gov/shop or at the shop in choice. Tumbled marble adds understated refinement. around the Library, including objects from exhibits and 2019 Annual Ornament sold on page 4 Made in USA. 4" square.architectural features, add a warm sophistication to yourthe Jefferson Building in Washington, D.C. 21508021 $10.95 home or office. Fringed on all sides. 100% cotton jacquard. A. Vintage-Style Leather JournalsMade in USA. 67" x 48"Wishing you hope, wonder and joy this Calf leather is tanned with old-world techniques. FoilD. I Cannot Live Without Books Old Fashion Glass 21305000 $75.00embossed with quotes. Lined paper pages. Made in Italy.Printed with our favorite quote, this rocks glass replicatesholiday season! 7"l. x 5"w. Specify:a portion of Thomas Jefferson\'s letter to John Adams,G. I Cannot Live Without Books Pillow21408546 Life is a Journey proclaiming his love of books. It was written in 1815, afterThis poly/cotton pillow is embroidered with Thomas 21408547 Freedom is the Right the sale of his personal library to Congress. Boxed. MadeJeffersons quote and piped with a twisted cord detail. Each $35.00 in USA. 11 oz. capacity.Removable navy cover. Made in USA. 12"l. x 14"w.21505425 $16.0021305033 $40.00B. Portable Writing Desk E. Thomas Jefferson\'s Library: A Catalog with theDr. Carla HaydenPen your own declarations on this hardwood writing box,Entries in His Own Order Librarian of Congressstyled after the portable desk Jefferson used to pen theThis book painstakingly reconstructs Jeffersons library Declaration of Independence. Includes two styluses, acatalog. Jeffersons personal library of 6,478 volumes was bottle of black ink, and storage compartments. Jeffersonssold to Congress in 1815. It formed the foundation of the original rough draft of the Declaration is in our collections.Library of Congress collections. Edited by James Gilreath 10"l. x 15.9"w. x 3.9"d. and Douglas L. Wilson. Hardcover, 149 pages.21503050 $190.0021110240 $36.952 Library Exclusive|inspired by books'