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When Dad Was Two

Image: Rug 5 - When Dad Was Two
When Dad Was Two
Tell Me ‘Bout Series, 1995.
Dimensions: 44.25" X 33", 10 square feet
Hooked on 12-thread count linen; Hand-dyed wool cut on 3/32" wheel.
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Commentary by Mary Sheppard Burton

Perhaps the happiest time in your Grandma's life (that is B.
B. for Bessie Burton) was when your Daddy was a tiny boy. Up to the time when he was two everything went well. Life was not easy for his momma and daddy, but it was a happy time. Your Granddaddy, Charles Henry Burton, worked two jobs. One was at the Navy Yard, and the other was moving big train engines into and around the Round House Yard in Washington, DC.
Each afternoon, while your Grandaddy was at work, B.B. took her little son to visit her two sisters and her mother. Everyone had a great time. All the children played together, and all the grown-ups enjoyed each other's company. The grown-ups drank glasses of home-made wine while the children swilled big glasses of grape juice.

One afternoon, the children were called in from play to drink their juice. Auntie, who poured the children's juice, made a big mistake when she grabbed the bottle of grape wine and poured it into tall glasses. The error was not discovered until the grown-ups sat down to drink their glasses of wine. Imagine their surprise at tasting grape juice! Soon the little cousins became loud, naughty and tipsy.

B.B. piled Charles on his sled and headed for home several blocks away. Your daddy soon fell asleep as he watched snowdrifts passing by! When B.B. was almost home, she turned around to look at her sleepy little son. Lo and behold! Little Charles was not there! Quickly she walked back toward her sister's house. There she found your Daddy fast asleep! His feet stuck up in the air, and his head and body were buried in a snowdrift! Yep! He had too much brew!

Instead of juice Charles drank the brew,
Fell off his sled and buried his head,

His feet were sticking up too!

"Footsteps on History: Tell Me 'Bout Series"
Family Portraits by Mary Sheppard Burton. Undated


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   May 15, 2015
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