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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Erica Haskell
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: January 2012

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1950/017: National Folk Festival, 1938
One 12-inch and 39 16-inch discs of instrumentals, songs, dance music, and folk dancing (Morris dance, sword dance, square dance, and social dances) performed by Scottish, American Indian, Spanish American, Anglo-American, African American, and Pennsylvania Dutch performers. Includes folk songs, ballads, fiddle tunes, coal miner's songs and music from Pennsylvania; cowboy songs; sea songs; Chinese music; Turkish music; Slavonic tamburitza music; Bach chorales; orchestral music; interviews; and lectures performed during the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C. from May 6-8, 1938. Also includes a radio air check on United States foreign policy and defense; and several other radio programs not recorded at the National Folk Festival, including a WPA-sponsored program featuring the Prince George High School orchestra. The collection includes 3/4 linear inch of song lists, newspaper articles, and programs. Recorded primarily at the National Folk Festival in Washington, D.C., by the U.S. Recording Company, May 6-8, 1938. (AFS 9829-9868) [catalog record]

AFC 1951/053: Cooperative Acquisitions Project / Folk Music of Turkey
One disc of folk music of Turkey transferred to Music Division from Cooperative Acquisitions Project. Recorded pre-1951. (AFS 10,362)

AFC 1952/022: Naci Serez Recordings of Turkish Folk Music
One 10-inch tape of Turkish music which Mr. Naci Serez, former director of programs of Radio Ankara in Turkey, and later with Voice of America, Turkish Section, permitted the Library of Congress to duplicate. The collection includes 8 pages of notes. (AFS 10,507) [catalog record]

AFC 1955/003: Juana Cristoloveanu Collection of Turkish Music
Two 10-inch tapes of religious, classical, and popular Turkish music recorded by Juana Cristoloveanu and her technical assistant, George Philcox, in Turkey, September-October 1953. Recorded are members of the Istambul Conservatoire, the chorus and orchestra of Radio Ankara, among others. Named performers include Ihsan Camlibel, Ali Sablik, Luftu Dumanli, Kasif Civilik, Haydar Sanal, Munir Nurettin Selcuk. Three recordings were made at Pamplona (Spain) during the World Festival of Folk Dance and Folk Song (July 1953). The collection includes logs and extensive notes. (LWO 2704) (AFS 10,875-10,876) [catalog record]

AFC 1959/001: Laika Karabey Playing Turkish Classical Music on the Tanbur
One 10-inch tape of Turkish classical music, sung and played on the tanbur by Laika Karabey. The collection includes two pages of correspondence. (LWO 3157) (AFS 11,459) [catalog record]

AFC 1960/010: Museum fur Volkerkunde Phonogramm-Archiv, Berlin / Folk music of Turkey, Kurdestan, Macedonia, Corsica, and Lapland
Two 7-inch tapes of Folk music of Turkey, Kurdestan, Macedonia, Corsica, and Lapland. From Museum fur Volkerkunde Phonogramm-Archiv, Berlin. The collection includes a 3-page log. (AFS 11,732-11,733)

AFS 14,737-14,754: Peabody Museum Cylinders (Preservation copies)
Two hundred sixty four cylinder recordings largely of American Indian music, gift of Peabody Museum of Harvard University, 1970. Included are the following collections: 5 Jesse Walter Fewkes, Passamaquoddy (Maine) and Zuni (Arizona); 48 Fewkes, Hemenay Expedition, Hopi, Arizona, 1891; 14, Fewkes, misc; 5, Washington Mattews, Navajo, New Mexico, ca. 1900; 10, Pastores, Mexican, ca. 1900; 12, Roland Dixon, Maidu (California), ca. 1910; 101, Benjamin I. Gilman, Chicago World’s Fair (Samoa, Indonesia, Syria, Turkey, Kwakiutl), 1893; Herbert J. Spinden, Nez Perce, 1907; 40 misc.

AFS 14,741: One tape (copied from 9 cylinders) containing Turkish theater music. Recorded September 1893 at Columbian Exposition, Chicago. Collected by Benjamin Ives Gilman. (LWO 6528 reel 5)

AFC 1976/011: Pekka Gronow Collection of Ethnic Music
Two 7-inch tapes of dance tunes, humor, and songs, mostly immigrant and non-English language material, compiled from 78 rpm commercial recordings of Armenian, Finnish, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Italian, Irish, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Sicilian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Yugoslavian material. Gift of Pekka Gronow to Richard K. Spottswood, project coordinator for the Archive of Folk Song's "Folk Music in America" bicentennial series of recordings, for consideration for the series. The collection includes correspondence between Gronow and Spottswood (1975) and a list of the source recordings. (AFS 18,000-18,001) [catalog record]

AFS 22,185: Karl Signell / "Music in a New World" Collection
One 10-minute cassette excerpting interviews, narrations, songs, and stories, including examples of Afro-Cuban, Bosnian, Thai, and Turkish music, recorded at various locations by Karl Signell, February-April, 1981, and assembled as a preview of the "Music in a New World" series for National Public Radio. The collection includes 20 pages of correspondence and descriptions. Includes the music and stories of recent immigrant groups in the United States.

AFC 1981/018: Ethnic Broadcasting in America Collection
Eighteen 7-inch tapes, 2 5-inch tapes, and 117 audiocassettes of ethnic radio broadcasts recorded for the Ethnic Broadcasting in America Project of the American Folklife Center. Recorded mostly off the air by Elena Bradunas, Theodore Grame, Alan Jabbour, and others at various locations in the United States, 1977-78. Documentation includes Theodore Grame's Ethnic Broadcasting in the United States (Washington, D.C.: American Folklife Center, 1980) and 6 linear inches of manuscript materials. (AFS 23,019-23,155) [catalog record]

AFS 23,073: One tape containing a Turkish radio broadcast on WHBI, New York, New York. Recorded March 7, 1978. (RYA 2932)

AFS 24,295-24,298: American Folklife Center Tenth Anniversary Concert Collection
Four 10-inch tapes of Armenian, Greek and Turkish vocal and instrumental music performed on clarinet, dumbek, kannon, and oud, by Leo Sarkisian's Armenian Ensemble, followed by bluegrass vocals and instrumentals performed on banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin, by the Johnson Mountain Boys, in concert at the Library of Congress Neptune Plaza, May 22, 1986. Third concert presented by the American Folklife Center in cooperation with the National Council for the Traditional Arts and part of a three day celebration to commemorate the Center's tenth anniversary. Recorded by Pete Reiniger.

AFC 1990/022: Gheorghe and Eugenia Popescu-Judetz Collection
Manuscript materials, audio recordings, graphic materials, and moving images that document primarily Romanian folk dance and music. Materials span 1938-1974, and 1995. Bulk of fieldwork materials covers Romanian dance tunes, songs, and ballads performed by singers, musicians, and ensembles from all regions of Romania and from Yugoslavian Banat. Also includes Turkish music from Dobrudja and dervish ceremonies from Anatolia, as well as folk and classical music recorded in India. This is a collection of traditional folk dance music which serves as a basis for the choreographies of their government-sponsored performance ensembles. Materials documenting Romanian costume, rituals, and customs areincluded. Music arrangements, choreographic diagrams, photographs, and show programs document activities of the Ciocirlia and Perinitza Ensembles. The collection also provides insight into the lives of the Popescu-Judetzes through manuscript and photographic documentation of their work as ethnographers, dancers, choreographers, and teachers. [catalog record] [finding aid]

AFC 1990/036: Hanukkah, Feast of Dedication, Festival of Lights: Lecture and Workshop on Hanukkah Foods of Lebanon, Turkey and Morocco, December 14, 1990
Demonstrations and discussion of Hanukkah foods of the Sephardic traditions, featuring demonstrators Annie Totah, of Beirut, Lebanon, Denise Suissa, of Casablanca, Morocco, and Dina Doron, of Ankara, Turkey. Introduced by folklorist Devorah S. Sperling. Foods prepared by participants and sampled by audience. (RWC 5706; LWO 25,653)

AFC 1991/009: Laura Boulton Collection Addition
Two hundred thirty-nine tapes of music, songs, and lectures recorded in Angola, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, India, Japan, Malaya, Micronesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Tahiti, Togo, Turkey, the United States, and Zaire by Laura Boulton, 1963-1984. The collection includes 5/8 linear inch of correspondence and tape logs. The collection comprises a supplement to the Laura Boulton cylinder, discs, and tape collection donated by Columbia University, 1973.

AFC 2011/013: Jozef Pacholczyk Collection
Two hundred 7-inch reel to reel tapes, 96 50-inch reel to reel tapes, 44 audiocassettes, 63 moving images, 378 slides, and 225 prints collected during fieldwork conducted in Southern Asia and Northern Africa. Formats include reel to reel, cassettes, moving images and graphic images. Includes fieldwork conducted in Kashmir, India, Egypt, Morocco, Kazakhstan Turkey, and elsewhere.


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   May 15, 2015
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