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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Pampa Rotolo
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: December 2013

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1941/007: Mrs. Nicol Smith Surinamese recordings from various sources
Two 12-inch discs of sound recordings compiled by Mrs. Nicol Smith (Moira Archbold). Includes 6 selections apparently collected by Moira Archbold from Surinamese people in Holland, plus various selections of Surinaamsche muziek and Caribbean music on commercial recordings by Edison Bell Radio: F-345 Edison Bell, F-346 Edison Bell; F-348 Edison Bell; F-351 Edison Bell; F-353 Edison Bell, and Blue Bird Victor B-4597-A. Includes a two-page list of titles ending with the statement: "These songs were sung and recorded in Holland by real Suriname singers. Copies were made in England and sent back to Suriname." (15 minutes; tape copy on LWO 4872 reel 323A) (AFS 4688-4689) [catalog record]

AFC 1941/010: Mrs. Nikol Smith collection of Suriname recordings
Twenty-six 12-inch discs of Surinamese Creole music in Sranan, Dutch, Loango, and Kromanti languages, including dance songs, folk songs, and Winti music, recorded in Paramaribo, Suriname, by Mrs. Nicol Smith (Moira Archbold) and M. J. P. Oostburg-Cop, June 21-30, 1941. The collection includes 44 pages of an index of songs including lyrics with English translations; an English translation of an introduction by Oostburg; a textual transcript of an interview of Smith by Alan Lomax; a paper entitled "Music in Suriname" by Father R. M. F. Abbenhuis; 3 articles in Dutch from De West-Indische Gids journal by Th. A. C. Comvalius; and additional notes by Kenneth M. Bilby. (2 hours and 50 minutes; tape copy on LWO 4872, reels 327B-328) (AFS 4731-4756) [catalog record]

AFC 1953/009: David Findlay Oajna Indian Recordings
One 7-inch tape of 12 Oajana Indian songs, including a conference song, dance songs, a drinking song, group songs, love songs, lullabies, and flute music. Recorded in Paramaribo, Suriname, by David Findlay, ca. 1952. The collection includes 2 pages of correspondence with a song list and other details about the recording. (33 minutes; LWO 3544) (AFS 10,763)

AFC 1989/034: Kenneth M. Bilby French Guiana and Suriname Collection, 1983-1987
Sixty-seven 10-inch tapes of songs and dances of the Aluku and Ndjuka people. Recorded in French Guiana and Suriname, by Kenneth M. Bilby, between 1983 and 1987. The collection includes a finding aid compiled by Bilby, and a 1/2 inch of correspondence, notes, and several articles by Bilby including "Guide to Field Recordings of French Guiana Music," "War, Peace, and Music: The Guianas," "The Aluku and the Communes in French Guiana." (AFS 26,886-26,952) (40 hours; LWO 23,814) [catalog record]


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   May 15, 2015
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