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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Theresa Anne J. Sotto
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: December 2012

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFS 10,053-10,054: Erich von Hornbostel Collection
Two 10-inch tapes made from 120 wax cylinders of folk music selected from the Erich von Hornbostel collection of the Phonogramm-Archiv of the Psychological Institute, University of Berlin. Recorded in various countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America by various collectors: 1900-1913. The collection includes one linear inch of background information, correspondence, and logs.

AFS 10,053A1: Dirge on a dead relative, recorded in Engano, Sumatra by August Lett, 1909. (1 minute; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A2: "Lagu malim di Padang," a song for curing the ill, sung by a shaman of the Kubu from Muara Bahar. Recorded in Sumatra by Bernard Hagen, 1905-1906. (1 minute; LWO 1416)

AFS 10, 053A3: A piece for a shawm, pupuit, played by a Malayan. Recorded in Fort de Kock, Sumatra, by Schöde, December 19, 1908. (1 minute; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A4: A dirge on a flute (sa-ling). Recorded in Malay, Sumatra, by Schöde, 1908-1909. (1 minute; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A5: An alternate chant or love song (patuns) between man and wife. Recorded in Malay, Sumatra by Schöde, 1900. (2 minutes; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A6: Gamelan Salendra "Oelock, Oelock" (Uluk, Uluk), recorded in Tavaner, Java, by Mrs. M. Selenka, 1907. (2 minutes; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A7: "Dondong goello" (song of sweet hopes), recorded in Tavener, Java, by Ernst Rudel, 1909. (1.5 minutes; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A8: A Gamelan piece, recorded in Lesser Sundas, Bali by Odo Deodatus Tauern, 1912. (1.5 minutes; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A12: A choral song recorded in Smite, Celebes by Ernst Rudel, date unknown. (2 minutes; LWO 1416)

AFS 10,053A13: A "kapata" for the Menari (Malaysian dance) sung with drum accompaniment by an Alfure. Recorded in Sawai in Ceram, Indonesia by Odo Deodatus Tauern, 1912. (2 minutes; LWO 1416)

AFC 1953/006: Jack Rubak Collection
One 7-inch tape of Italian folk songs recorded by Miss Constance L. Mellen recorded on an unknown date; Indonesian popular songs (Jakarta groups and short interview with Pak Sirat [?]) recorded on an unknown date; and singing of "Battle of Manila Bay" (Spanish-American War song) recorded June 6, 1953. The collection includes a 1-page log. [catalog record]

AFS 10,752A12-18: Seven selections of Indonesian instrumental music and popular songs including music by groups from Jakarta, Indonesia. (27 minutes; LWO 2130; tape copy on LWO 8011 reel 81)

AFS 10,752A19: An interview with Pak Sirat[?] including discussion on Indonesian music, plays and movies. (9 minutes; LWO 2130; tape copy on LWO 8011 reel 81)

AFC 1953/010: E.D. Hawkins Indonesian Instrumental Music Collection
One 16-inch disc of Indonesian instrumental music. Recorded by Professor E. D. Hawkins of Mt. Holyoke College. (AFS 10,764) (tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 351B) [catalog record]

AFC 1956/007: Jaap Kunst / Javanese Folk Music
Two 12-inch discs of Javanese folk music recorded by Jaap Kunst. (AFS 10,979-10,980) (LWO 2387; tape copy on LWO 5111 reel 356B)

AFC 1962/004: Sundanese songs and Indonesian Music Recordings
Two 10-inch tapes of Indonesian music, including Bendrong, Gamelan degung, Katjapi-Suling, Kendang Pentja, Klimingan, Samaranyan, Sundanese music and songs. Recorded in an unknown location by an unknown donor, on an unknown date. The collection includes six pages of tape logs. (AFS 11,912-11,913) (3 hours and 30 minutes; LWO 3424) [catalog record]

AFS 14,737-14,754: Peabody Museum Cylinders
Fifteen 10-inch tapes and 3 7-inch tapes of 264 cylinders of mostly American Indian music. Recorded in Arizona and Maine by Jesse Walter Fewkes; in California by Roland Dixon, 1910; in Chicago, Illinois by Benjamin I. Gilman, 1893; in New Mexico by Washington Matthews; and of the Nez Perce by Herbert J. Spinden, 1907. Gift of the Peabody Museum, Harvard University. The collection includes five-eighths linear inch of correspondence and logs.

AFS 14,740A11-B21: Twenty-three cylinders of a play set in a Java village, in five parts: Lagoe Rame, Tandak, Soendanese Wajang, Javanese Wajang, and American Nat. Airs; and thirteen cylinders of Indonesian instrumental music and songs. Recorded at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois by Benjamin Ives Gilman, September 23, 1893. (1 hour and 23 minutes; tape copy on LWO 6528 reel 4A-B)

AFC 1973/028: Laura Boulton Collection

AFS 18,102-18,468: Laura Boulton Collection Part 23: Africa, Europe, Far East, Latin America, etc.
One 3-inch tape, twenty-two 5-inch tapes, and three hundred forty-four 7-inch tapes of folk and other music of Africa, Europe, Far East, Latin America, Middle East, Near East, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia, recorded by Laura Boulton, 1949-1971. The collection includes one-fourth linear inch of tape logs. This is part 23 of the Laura Boulton Collection. (LWO 8956)

AFS 18,156-18,164: Nine tapes of gamelan music, a shadow play, Balinese solo music, and orchestral music from Indonesia. Recorded in Bali, 1950. (4 hours and 30 minutes; preservation copy on LWO 8949 reels 11B1-13A3)

AFS 18,165-18,166: Two tapes of instrumental music and songs, including "Three Blind Mice," from Kuching, Sarawak. Recorded in Sarawak, 1950 and 1956. (30 minutes; preservation copy on LWO 8949 reels 13B1-13B2)

AFC 1986/033: Fahnestock South Sea Collection
One hundred forty-four 16-inch and 4 10-inch discs of music and dance from Bali, Fiji, Java, Kangean Islands, Madura, Marquesas, New Caledonia, Samoa, and the Society Islands; and 8 7-inch reels of oral history interviews with Margaret Fahnestock Lewis (wife of Sheridan Fahnestock and a member of the 1940 expedition). Recorded on location by Bruce and Sheridan Fahnestock, 1940-1941 for the Fahnestock South Sea Collection. The collection includes 35 folders of correspondence, manuscripts, negatives, photoprints, and travel documentation; 4 boxes of computer diskettes, disc sleeves, index cards, and photoprints; and ten films and videocassettes. (includes AFS 25,808-25,955 and AFS 25,830-26,837.) [catalog record] [finding aid]

AFS 25,850A-25,856A: Seven 16-inch discs of Balinese music, including gamelan music (gong kebyar and gong gede) and kecak. Recorded in South Bali by the Fahnestocks, 1941. (1 hour; RWB 6284B1-B11)

AFS 25,858A-25,887B: Twenty-nine 16-inch discs of Balinese, Javanese, and Madurese music, including recordings of children’s songs, gamelan music (gong gede and gong kebyar), gender wayang, kecak, Madurese rice pounding, and music to accompany wayang wong. Recorded in Bali, Java, and Madura by the Fahnestocks, 1941. (5 hours and 10 minutes; RWB 6285A3-6287B6)

AFS 25,888A-B: One 16-inch disc of a travel log by Bruce Fahnestock, recorded in Java, 1941. (18 minutes; RWB 6287B7-B8)

AFS 25,889A-25,894B: Six 16-inch discs of Javanese music and songs, including recordings of dongeng, and kecak. Recorded in the Trawas District in East Java by the Fahnestocks, 1941. (42 minutes; RWB 6287B9-6288A4)

AFS 25,895A-25,911B: Seven 16-inch discs of Kangeanease music, including recordings of dijiboet, pangka, gamelan pentja, ghoetta, keredjing music, mamatja, saronen ensemble music, and terbang. Recorded in Ardjasa on the Western Kangean Island by the Fahnestocks, 1941. (2 hours and 42 minutes; RWB 6288A5-6289B1)

AFS 25,912A-25,935B: Twenty-three discs of Madurese music, including music by a saronen ensemble and performances of boatmen's songs, children's songs, ghoetta, grass-cutting songs, matja, salabadhan, sandoer, and tongtong. Recorded in Madura by the Fahnestocks, June 1941. (3 hours; RWB 6289B2-6321A7)

AFS 25,947: One 16-inch disc of an Indonesian travelogue parody by Bruce Fahnestock. Recording information unknown. (RWB 6322A11-12)

AFS 25,955: One 16-inch disc of Balinese gamelan gong kebyar. Recorded in Ubud, Bali by the Fahnestocks, 1941. (30 minutes; RWB 6323A3-A4)

AFS 26,830-26,837: Eight 7-inch reels of interviews with Margaret Fahnestock Lewis conducted by Gerald Parsons and James McKee. Recorded in the Library of Congress, January 20-21, 1988. The collection includes notes and written transcripts (Folder 25) and two sheets of black and white 35 mm negatives (42 images) and three black and white 8x10 photoprints of the interview session (Folder 34). (9 hours)

AFC 1986/033:F6-F7: Two reels of 8 mm, silent, color film ("home movies") documenting Shannon and Howard Kincheloe’s trip to Indonesia, including scenes from Hawaii, New Zealand, Java, Madura, and Bali; of gamelan music and dance filmed in Bali; and bull races in Madura. Recorded in 1941. The film is accompanied by one audiocassette (AFC 1986/033:SR5) of Kincheloe’s description of the scenes in this film, recorded in 1993. (45 minutes)

AFC 1986/033:SR2: One audiocassette of a radio program on the Fahnestock collection. Recorded by James McKee, April 1998. Part of the "Sounds from the LC Collection" series that was broadcast on WETA during intermissions of live concerts from the Coolidge Auditorium. (15 minutes)

AFC 1986/033:SR3-4: Two audiocassettes of excerpts from audio recordings from the Fahnestock South Sea Collection, used by James McKee to make the "Sounds from the LC Collections" program. Recorded by James McKee, March 1988. (18 minutes)

AFC 1986/033:SR6: One compact disc recording entitled "Music for the Gods–The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition: Indonesia," of thirteen tracks of music from Indonesia, including gamelan music, vocal, percussion, and jaw harp selections. Recorded in Indonesia by the Fahnestocks in 1941, produced by Mickey Hart and Alan Jabbour, and released by Rykodisc and the American Folklife Center, October 1994. The compact disc includes a 22-page booklet of background information and liner notes. (53 minutes)

AFC 1986/033: Box 10: Forty-six black and white 3.5x5 photoprints primarily of gamelan musicians and dancers; and eight copy negatives of selected shots. Photographed in Bali by Howard Kincheloe, 1941.

AFC 1986/033: Folder 21: Four sheets of black and white 35mm negatives (79 images), including gamelan musicians and dancers. Photographed in Bali and Java by Howard Kincheloe. Original negatives of photoprints listed above.

AFC 1991/009: Laura Boulton Collection Addition
Two hundred thirty-nine tapes of music, songs, and lectures recorded in Angola, Canada, China, Ethiopia, Fiji, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, India, Japan, Malaya, Micronesia, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Tahiti, Togo, Turkey, the United States, and Zaire by Laura Boulton, 1963-1984. The collection includes 5/8 linear inch of correspondence and tape logs. The collection comprises a supplement to the Laura Boulton cylinder, discs, and tape collection donated by Columbia University in 1973.

AFC 1991/009: Le10:11: One tape containing one gamelan piece used during a lecture by Boulton for Dr. Kirk’s reception. Recorded on April 8, 1984. Originally recorded in Bali.

AFC 1991/009: Le11:9: One tape containing one gamelan piece on "Kirk Reel Duplicate and reception," recorded on October 16, 1972. Originally recorded in Bali.

AFC 1991/009: A14:A4: One tape containing a baris dance, including male solo and gamelan orchestra. Recorded in an unknown location on an unknown date.

AFC 1991/012: 1991 Neptune Plaza Concert Series Collection
Eleven 7-inch tapes, 6 audiocassettes, five photoprints, 1 box of manuscript and print materials, 3 internegatives, 20 contact sheets, and 2 videocassettes containing documentation of the 1991 Neptune Plaza Concert Series sponsored by the American Folklife Center and featuring the presentation of folk traditions from Bulgaria, China, Indonesia, Switzerland, and the United States. Recorded at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., by the American Folklife Center, April-September 1991. [catalog record] [finding aid]

The following describes documentation from the August 15, 1991, concert entitled Javanese Gamelan and Dance: A Program from Indonesia performed by the gamelan ensemble of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

AFC 1991/012: SR12: One 7-inch tape containing the concert, with remarks by Alan Jabbour, Elvi Soeprapto, and Dick Spottswood. Recorded by Tim Smyser, August 1991. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

AFC 1991/012: SR13: One audiocassette of the concert. Recorded by Tim Smyser. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

AFC 1991/012: V1: One videocassette of the concert. (1 hour and 30 minutes)

AFC 1991/012: Folders 18-21: Seven black-and-white contact sheets (195 images), one black-and-white photoprint, and one color photoprint of performances at the concert. Photographed by Yusel El-Amin.

AFC 2003/027: Pete and Toshi Seeger Film Collection
Approximately 700 film and audio elements relating to Pete and Toshi Seeger's filmmaking from 1955-1965 at various locations in: Angola, Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Somoa, Sweden, Tanzania, Trinidad, Ukraine, and the United States. In the United States, locations include Beacon, New York; Circle Pines, Michigan; Hamilton, Ohio; Huntsville, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Madison, Wisconsin; New York, New York; Newport, Rhode Island; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and Washington, DC, among others. Collection includes three bamboo flutes. [catalog record]

AFC 2009/009: The Sound of Islamic Music: Women's Voices and the Indonesian Religious Soundscape, Lecture by Anne K. Rasmussen
Video recording and photographs of a lecture delivered by Anne K. Rasmussen in the Mary Pickford Theater, Library of Congress, on May 13, 2009, as part of the Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture series sponsored by the American Folklife Center. Based on more than two years of ethnographic research in the Indonesian archipelago; Rasmussen discusses her book, Women, the Recited Qur'an, and Islamic Music in Indonesia (University of California Press, 2010). She profiles both leading artists and grass-roots communities, focusing on the actions of women who work as ritual specialists and religious artists -- from Qur'an reciters to recording artists. [catalog record] [event flyer]


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