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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Compiled by: Pampa Rotolo
Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: September 2016

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

John Donald Robb collection (AFC 1945/016)
Collection of field recordings of more than 2500 items, principally Hispanic American music and American Indian music from the southwestern United States, with some recordings of fiddle tunes, cowboy songs, and other popular music. Also includes music from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. Recorded by John Donald Robb and others at many locations in New Mexico and elsewhere, 1942-1979. [catalog record]

Willard Rhodes 1951 field recordings collection (AFC 1951/001)
Six 10-inch tapes (copies of 23 original reels) of Apache, Cherokee, Comanche, Creek, Hopi, Kiowa, Navajo, Pawnee, Shoshone, and Tlingit, as well as Ecuadorian Indian and Eskimo music. Recorded in Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming by Willard Rhodes, June 1951, for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. [catalog record]

Willard Rhodes and Louise B. Johannaber 1952 Field Recordings Collection (AFC 1952/005)
Two 10-inch tapes of 52 songs of American Indian music from the Apache, Arikara, Caddo, Cherokee, Creek, Ecuadorian, Eskimo, Navajo, Shawnee, and Shoshone tribes. Recorded in Oklahoma and Utah by Willard Rhodes, 1952. The collection includes a 4-page catalog including tribe, song name and description, performer, location and times. [catalog record]

AFS 14,624: One tape containing 4 traditional Ecuadorian Indian songs. Recorded in Brigham City, Utah. (12 minutes; LWO 6692 reels 7-8)

Laura Boulton Collection (AFC 1973/028)

Laura Boulton Collection Part 20: Miscellaneous discs
Twenty-two 10-inch tapes of American Indian, Appalachian, Arabic, Colonial American, Brazilian, Ecuadorian, European chamber, French, Japanese, Mexican, Polynesian, and Peruvian music prepared for a class lecture at the University of California by Laura Boulton. [catalog record]

AFS 17,175: One tape containing 2 songs from Ecuador.

Charles W. Bean and Derrick M. Jones West Virginia Folk Music Project (AFC 1979/076)
Thirteen 10-inch tapes of the Hammons Family, Dewey Farley, Melvin Wine, Stan Childers, Russell Fluharty, and Phoebe Parsons. Also a party at home of Howard Glasser, Westport, Massachusetts, featuring South American Music (Ecuador); also Bobby Tayler (and "Tayler Made" group), Gerry Vance Group, both recorded at Huntersville Bluegrass Festival, Frank George (fiddle), and Professor Patrick Gainer, interview. Collected by Charles Bean and Derrick Jones, July 1978. [catalog record]

Ethnic Broadcasting in America Collection (AFC 1981/018)
Eighteen 7-inch tapes, 2 5-inch tapes, and 117 audiocassettes Two 5-inch tapes, 18 7-inch tapes, and 117 cassettes of a survey of ethnic radio broadcasts recorded for the Ethnic Broadcasting in America Project of the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Recorded mostly off the air by Elena Bradunas, Theodore Grame, Alan Jabbour, and Wolfgang Fleischhauer at various locations in the United States,1977-1979. The radio broadcasts include contemporary, popular, and folk music; community news and announcements; advertising; comedy; news; sports; politics; paid political ads; and religious broadcasts, with hymns, gospel music, sermons, church services, and masses. The collection includes Theodore Grame's Ethnic Broadcasting in the United States and 9 1/2 linear inches of correspondence, manuscript material, and tape logs. [catalog record]

AFS 23,078: One tape containing an Ecuadorian radio program entitled "La Voz del Ecuador" including music, news of the Ecuadorian community, interviews, and a series on the history of Ecuador and local advertisements. Broadcast on WHBI in Brooklyn, New York, March 18, 1978. (30 minutes; RYA 2937)

John M. Schechter Ecuador field collection, 1979-1980 (AFC 1986/051)
Solo and ensemble songs and instrumental performances; interviews in Quechua and Spanish; festivals; holiday and burial rites; lesson-interviews with master harpist Don Cesar Muquinche; and instruction in the Quechua language by Enrique Andrade Albuja. Recorded by John M. Schechter in Highland, Ecuador, November 1979-September 1980. [catalog record]

Henrietta Yurchenco Collection of Recordings from Colombia and Ecuador (AFC 1997/020)
Ten 5-inch tapes and 5 audiocassettes of folk music from Colombia and Ecuador, recorded in Colombia and Ecuador, by Henrietta Yurchenco, 1974-1976. The collection includes a 5-page typed song list including titles, dates and locations. [catalog record]

AFC 1997/020: [No tape numbers]: One tape and 1 audiocassette containing 19 Ecuadorian children's songs and chants. Recorded in Arenca, Ecuador, by Henrietta Yurchenco, July 28, 1975. (38 minutes)

Luiz Heitor Corrêa de Azevedo Collection on Latin American Folklore (AFC 2005/008)
Publications pertaining to Latin American folklore and musical traditions from the library of Luiz Heitor Corrêa de Azevedo, Brazilian folklorist and musicologist. The collection includes monographs, articles, bibliographies, conference proceedings, and other publications about folk music, musical instruments, popular music, dance, folklore, food traditions, proverbs, children's folklore, traditional and folk medicine, local religious celebrations (including Christmas, Epiphany, and Easter) and devotions to various saints, Cuban santeria, Afro-Brazilian traditions, and anthropological studies of indigenous people of Brazil, among other topics. Publications are predomiantly about Brazilian culture but include significant works on folk culture in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela. [catalog record]


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   September 27, 2016
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