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Finding Aids to Collections in the Archive of Folk Culture


Series Editor: Ann Hoog
Revised: August 2013

For additional information about Archive of Folk Culture collections, contact the Folklife Reading Room. To request copies, see our webpages regarding audio materials and photographic materials. Please refer to the AFC and/or AFS numbers when requesting information. All indications of time duration listed in this finding aid are estimates.

AFC 1943/014: Chinese music recording project
Five 12-inch discs of of Chinese songs and folk music, some arranged for chorus. The collection includes correspondence about this project, 1942-1943, from William H. Dennis; from various Chinese students who volunteered to participate; from the China Institute in America; from C. O. Arndt of the U.S. Office of Education; from Bliss Wiant of Scarritt College, who includes a leaflet, "Hymns of Universal Praise," of music for a few hymns in Chinese and English; and from Gilbert Chase, Benjamin A. Botkin, and Harold Spivacke at the Library of Congress. Recorded in San Francisco, California, 1943. Recorded and performed by students and faculty of California College in China, Chao Rulan (aka Rulan Chao Pian), and Margaret Speaks. The collection includes one folder of logs, notes, and correspondence. [catalog record]

AFC 1944/017: Helen Moshang and Virginia Moshang Recordings
One 16-inch disc of Chinese instrumentals and songs, including children's songs, played on the "moon harp" and sung by Helen and Virginia Moshang of New York City. Recorded in Washington, D.C., at the Library of Congress, by Benjamin A. Botkin, Rae Korson, John Langenegger, and Arthur Semmig, August 26, 1943. The collection includes two pages of correspondence and a song list. [catalog record]

AFC 1960/017: Radio Malaya National Music Library collection
Three 7-inch tapes of a selection of items from the National Music Library sent to the Library of Congress by M. J. Smee, Radio Malaya Deputy Director (Programmes) Department of Broadcasting, Federation of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur on May 6, 1959. Includes music of tribes of Aborigines living in Malaya; Malayan-Indian music including hymns, classical music, and drum music; Malayan-Chinese music, including Cantonese opera, Chinese harp solo, wedding music, and a modern Mandarin song; Portuguese-Eurasian music, in Portuguese, English, and Malay; music of Arabic and of Indonesian origin; community songs, children's songs, Bangsawa music, patriotic songs; court music played during the installation of His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong during the Merdeka celebrations in August 1957; village dances; a shadow play of Javanese origin, trance dance, and other selections; some are performed by the Radio Malaya Orchestra. Announcements preceding the selections are in English and are listed on the accompanying logs of the recordings. Most selections are undated, a few are dated 1956 and 1957. [catalog record]

AFC 1968/006: Chen-hu Cha recordings of Ch'in music
Five 16-inch discs of flute and lute (ch'in) pieces played by Mr. C. H. Cha (LCNA Zha, Fuxi), of Soochow, China. Recorded at the Library of Congress in the Recording Laboratory, October 16, 1945. The collection includes 1/8 inch of correspondence, engineer's notes, and notes about the recordings by C.H. Cha, Chin-Yu Institute, China. [catalog record]

AFC 1970/060: Paris World's Fair of 1900 recordings
Three wax cylinders from collection in Musee de l'Homme, Paris. Includes delegations from Hanoi and China at the 1900 Paris World's Fair, and a field recording from Algeria. [catalog record]

AFC 1980/018: The Art of Paper Cutting Workshop collection
Documentation from the paper cutting workshop held at the Library of Congress on December 2, 1980. Demonstrators of national/cultural traditions included Yehudit Shadur (Israeli), Magdalena Gilinsky and Ramona Jablonski (Polish), C.K. Chu (Chinese), and Claudia Hopf (German).

AFC 1986/037: 1986 Neptune Plaza Concert Series collection
Manuscript materials, sound recordings, photographs, and color slides documenting the performance of bluegrass music, blues music, Armenian music, Senegalese music and dance, Irish music, country music, gospel music, Chinese traditional music and modern compositions, Caribbean music, and Polish music and dance celebrating the Harvest Festival from several regions in Poland. Concerts were held from April through September 1986, sponsored by the American Folklife Center and the National Council for the Traditional Arts. [catalog record] [finding aid]

August 21, 1986, concert: Chinese Traditional and Folk Music featuring performances by David Mingyue Liang, Huizhu Pan, Huizhu, Chen-Feng Yeh, and Liangshan Tang.

AFC 1991/012: 1991 Neptune Plaza Concert Series collection
Manuscript materials, sound recordings, photographs, and moving images documenting the performance of Peking Opera, Swiss folk music, bluegrass music, Bulgarian folk music, Javanese gamelan music and dance, and gospel jubilee quartet music recorded live outdoors on Neptune Plaza in front of the Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, at concerts from April through September 1991. [catalog record] [finding aid]

April 18, 1991, concert: Han Sheng Chinese Opera, from Washington, DC

AFC 1997/017: The Yueh Chu Style of Cantonese Opera With an Analysis of 'The Legend of Lady White Snake' by Nora Yeh
The collection consists of Nora Yeh's thesis originally submitted to the University of California in Los Angeles for partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of Master of the Arts in Music. The manuscript, "The Yueh Chu style of Cantonese Opera With an Analysis of 'The Legend of Lady White Snake,'" details the yueh chu opera style of the Kuang Tung province of southern China and analyzes one of the most famous yueh chu operas.

AFC 1997/029: Southern Sound: The Nanyin Performing Tradition of China / lecture by Nora Yeh
Lecture by Nora Yeh titled "Southern Sound: The Nanyin Performing Tradition of China." Sponsored by the American Folklife Center as part of the series _Notes from the Field._ February 5, 1997.

AFC 2002/011: Chinese rod puppetry performance and interview collection, 2002 / performed by Yuqin Wang, Zhengli Xu, and Ke Xu, Dragon Arts Studio
Sound and video recordings of the Dragon Art Studio performance on Neptune Plaza at the Library of Congress as part of the Homegrown Concert Series 2002, and a videorecording of an interview with the performers conducted by Oregon Folklore Program director, Nancy Nusz. Recorded May 15, 2002. A second interview with Yuqin Wang and Zhengli Xu conducted by American Folklife Center Folklife Specialist Nora Yeh was videotaped on May 16, 2002. The collection includes program and publicity materials for Dragon Art Studio, a promotional videorecording (VHS), "Yuqin Wang and Friends, Maiden Pearl, Traditional Chinese Rod Puppetry," n.d., correspondence, a list of interview questions and notes, and biographical materials for the artists. The puppet dramas are based on Chinese folktales. [catalog record]

AFC 2004/009: Tu'er ye image and manuscript collection, 2003-2004
This collection includes an academic paper written by Meng Yu about the Tu'er tradition; biographical information about the Beijing artist Shuang Qi-xiang who makes Tu'er ye and other clay toys; and 52 color photographs of Shuang Qi-xiang's art work and of the artist, who has revived the art of making of these traditional clay statues.Tu'er ye is a clay statue that was given to children during the mid-autumn festival in Beijing and Tianjin, China until approximately the 1950s. Tu'er ye is also the name of a rabbit god who accompanies a moon goddess during the festival, as well as the name for the child's toy, which depicts a rabbit in an outfit traditionally worn by a Chinese general, with a solemn expression on its face. [catalog record]

AFC 2004/021: Four masters of Chinese storytelling video collection : full-length repertoires of Yangzhou storytelling on video, 2001-2004
This collection is the product of the "Large-scale Registration of Chinese Storytelling" conducted by Dr. Vibeke Børdahl and Fei Li between 2001 and 2003. During this project, the repertories of four masters of Chinese storytelling in Yangzhou – Dai Buzhang, Fei Zhengliang (Fei Li), Gao Zaihua, and Ren Jitang (Ren Dekun) – were filmed on video for a total of 360 hours of storytelling. The videotapes were then converted into sets of video compact discs (VCDs) and donated to research institutions in Asia, Europe, and the United States. [catalog record]

AFC 2004/038: Chinese folk art today, 2004 January 22 / lecture by Yang Xianrang
Benjamin Botkin Lecture Series. Slide lecture on the origin, development, and current state of Chinese folk art, with slides taken during a research trip on the Yellow River in 1987. Recorded in Dining Room A, James Madison Building, Library of Congress, on January 22, 2004. [catalog record]

AFC 2004/042: Eight Sounds of Chinese Musical Instruments, Lecture by Nora Yeh
Benjamin Botkin Lecture Series. Illustrated lecture in which ethnomusicologist Nora Yeh discusses characteristics of traditional Chinese instrumental music and the categorization of the "eight sounds" as they are related to the tonal qualities and colors produced on the instruments. Recorded in the West Dining Room, James Madison Building, Library of Congress, on May 25, 2004. [catalog record]

AFC 2005/003: Chang Yu-Chen Chinese Opera Video Collection
Seven hundred fifty seven videocassettes (VHS and BETA) of "Peking Opera" and other Chinese theaters such as Kunqu. The collection also contains taped performances of Mei Lan-fang (1894-1961), the Grandmaster of both traditions. The videos were collected by Chang Yu-Chen, a long-time director, producer, choreographer, contributor, consultant, and instructor to a Chinese opera group in the Washington area and the wife of the donor, Vincent Y.S. Wong. Aside from those directly from China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, some of the videos are performances by Chinese opera organizations in Los Angeles, New York, and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. A detailed inventory was sent with the donation by Dr. Stanley Chuang, a connoisseur of Chinese theataers. The videos, the original inventory, and notes about the performers are in Chinese. [catalog record]

AFC 2005/023: Washington Chu Shan Chinese Opera Institute concert collection, 2005 May 18
Homegrown 2005 concert. Washington Chu Shan Chinese Opera Institute from Maryland founded by Chu Shan Zhu and his wife Judy Huang. Concert recorded on May 18, 2005, in the Coolidge Auditorium. [catalog record]

AFC 2005/041: Song and silence : ethnic revival on China's southwest borders, 2005 December 13 / lecture by Sara L. M. Davis
Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture series. Illustrated lecture by Sara L. M. Davis about her book "Song and Silence: Ethnic Revival on China's Southwest Borders," based on her fieldwork in the Sipsongpanna border region with Tai monks, singers, and activists involved in an ethnic revival of traditional epic oral poetry and other songs and traditions. Collection includes video recording of the lecture and program flyer. Recorded in the Mary Pickford Theater, James Madison Building, Library of Congress on August 23, 2005. [catalog record]

AFC 2006/004: Sara L. M. Davis Collection on Tai Lue Culture
The collection consists of original field documentation of Tai Lue religious rituals, epic oral narratives, popular songs, and performances for tourists, as well as interviews with poets and singers; audio and printed materials collected in Sipsongpanna (Xishuangbanna), Yunnan Province, China, and in Kengtung, Shang State, Burma, between 1997 and 2003, by anthropologist Sara L. M. Davis. The material was used to write the book, "Song and Silence: Ethnic Revival on China's Southwest Borders." Includes manuscripts, graphic images, sound recordings, videorecordings and artifacts. [catalog record]

AFC 2006/008: Hongyi He Chinese Papercuts Collection
Two framed papercuts by donor with autograph "Hong yi He" and date "5/3/2006" (March 5, 2006), with Chinese characters "dragon" and "phoenix." Photocopied articles in Chinese by He. Six digital images taken in February 2006. Interview on 2/24/2006: 4 60-minute mini-DV tapes of ca. 3 hours and 30 minutes.

AFC 2007/021: Yang Huanpei Collection of Bai Nationality Woodblock Prints (Jia Ma)
Twenty prints from different carved woodblocks burned during worshipping ceremonies. Jia Ma is a traditional folk art associated with religion and has been transmitted from the Central Plains of China to Yunnan Province. Donated by Yang Huanpei, creator of the Jia Ma.

AFC 2008/029: Total Theater -- The Art of Kunqu, China's Earliest Classical Opera, Lecture by Marjory Bong-Ray Liu
Benjamin Botkin Folklife Lecture Series, September 4, 2008. Dr. Marjory Bong-Ray Liu, ethnomusicologist and professor emeritus at Arizona State University discusses the complex art of Kunqu. Kunqu classical opera was perfected in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644 A.D.). It uses four main acting roles, namely: sheng, a young male scholar-hero; dan, a female role; jing, a male warrior-statesman; and chou, a comic. Kunqü developed the art of relating speech to melody patterns, and it integrated the arts of dance, poetry, music, mime, symbolism and drama into a complete aesthetic experience.Co-sponsored by the Asian Division Friends Society. [catalog record]

AFC 2011/005: Staten Island Folk Artists in the Schools collection
Nine videocassettes (VHS) of fieldwork interviews conducted by Nancy Groce for the Staten Island Council on the Arts Folk Artists in the Schools Program from 1984-1986. Includes an overview of the project (21:00 minutes); Dominic Bencivenga, tugboat worker, master rope worker (16:15 minutes); Ismail Butera, Albanian musician (17 minutes); June Farkouh, Arabic culture and cooking (14:45 minutes); Jon Grondahl, Norwegian rosemaler (13:00 minutes); Lucy Wu Mainer, Chinese calligrapher (15:00 minutes); Treasa O'Carroll, Irish storyteller and singer (28:40 minutes); Eddy Rosenblum, Pigeon racer (11:45 minutes); Aeri Seo, Korean dancer (8:40 minutes); plus an article "Folk Artists in Staten Island Schools: Developing a workable model for larger communities," by Nancy Groce and Janis Benincasa, in Folk Arts in Education in New York State, ed. Kathleen Mundell, New York Folklore, 13, no. 3-4, 1987. [catalog record]

AFC 2011/035: Ann Yao Trio concert collection, 2011 July 27
Homegrown 2011 concert recorded July 27, 2011, in Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Performance of Ann Yao Trio: Traditional Chinese zheng music from Florida. Ann Yao plays the zheng, a long, horizontal plucked zither; she is joined in this performance by Wang Guowei playing the erhu, a two-stringed fiddle, and by Chen Yihan, playing the pipa, a pear-shaped lute. [catalog record] [event flyer and webcast]


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